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Happy Birthday Rajio!

JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion

A very happy birthday to our forum's founder, our own defiant Symmetra main: Master Switch!

Now quick, everyone report him for being a poor team player and for verbal harassment!

Seriously though, I think something fun to do would be to post some of the best Online grief you've gotten, since he's shared many of his online grief stories with us.

For me, I haven't publicly gamed much in recent years outside of Mortal Kombat X, and the PC version doesn't have text chat and no one uses mics.

About a year ago though I randomly got hate mail on Xbox LIVE; I think the guy read something on my old blog and disagreed with my opinion, but he didn't specify what. Instead he proceeded to tell me that apparently I was a "fucking faggot" and my cultural background was evidently Jewish with a host of obscenities attached. I reported him and action was apparently taken.

Many of you play online publicly a good bit, so I'm sure you have much better stories to share for a laugh!



  • OzziOzzi Centurion
    @Rajio! Happy birthday ye olde basterd!

    Im not online much these days, but i remember those community nights with Battlefield 1943 that was a blast! I gotta get overwatch and join in on the shenanigans!

    Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Raj!!

    some of my favourite griefing moments have come playing Left 4 Dead

    i'll just mention a couple though

    this was patcheed but you could use the Smoker to drop people to their deaths and utilize the Tank, as well as other infected characters, to push generators/other large objects into places that would completely lock in survivors

    my friend and i were playing as the survivors once and we were going up the elevator. when the doors opened there was a generator completely blocking our way out. we weren't even mad, we just laughed

    next round we did the exact same thing to them because it wasn't hard to figure out how they did it

    we also learned that could do the same to block manhole exits from the sewers

  • MSQGannerMSQGanner Centurion

    Happy belated B-Day

  • Happy (very belated) Birthday !!!

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