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Screen Flickering

Hey all!

I have an issue happening with my TV.

Before i had all of my devices connected VIA HMDI on the tv. No issues.

I bought a Sony A/V receiver about 6 weeks ago, and setup a surround sound system in my living room. (It's fantastic by the way!)

So for the last few weeks the screen will flicker. It will do a green, or purple flicker. Either part of the screen, or the whole screen will flicker randomly also, When i use my Rogers TV remote it will flicker every time i hit the volume button on the remote.

I thought it could be a HDMI issue, but i have all high speed HDMI cables which support 4K.

Yesterday i picked up a Xbox One X, and hooked it up, and the random flickering had stopped. So i thought it was indeed a HDMI issue.. Well it started up again today.

Does anyone have any ideas?


  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    Could be any of the new things you introduced the the setup. Could be the TV itself.

    First thing is to disconnect every thing and start adding things again and see what the issue is. Could be the the reciever.

    Could be the speakers right under the tv. Ive had issues with speakers doing funky things when to close to other electronics.

    also try the tv on its own and see it its a tv issue.

  • OzziOzzi Centurion

    Sounds like i will be busy figuring it out bleh. Why must nothing be easy..

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