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How did it go?

Law212Law212 Centurion

Hey people. How was 2017 for you? Was it good? bad? in between? In general how was the past year?
Then, What do you plan for 2018? Do you have hopes for this year? goals?


  • TimothyWedelTimothyWedel Centurion
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    I'd say that 2017 was probably the most successful year of my life.

    The year started off rough with 6 months looking for a job. All through that time though I continued to work on myself and try my best to he a better person. I declined less invites to hang with friends, I made more of an effort to make plans with friends and I made new friends. I made an effort to be less negative in my day to day life. Less negativity towards myself and others. Even down to like ragging on a movie or game I thought was bad, I cut most of that out.

    I found a job in June that I really enjoy. It was rough at first, and still is a lot of the time (how is one supposed to know about plumbing, electrical, paint, heating, tools and shiz all without any training or schooling?). I really like my coworkers. There are a bunch of guys a little younger than me that are fun to work with and a couple of 60+ year olds that are a blast. They are all so encouraging and patient and that has helped me be more comfortable around them. Today I made the effort to say good morning/have a good night to everyone i worked with, especially those outside of my department that am still kind anxious around. I can't think of a single person of the 25-ish I work with on a weekly basis that isn't super rad. I have learned a lot at this job and hope I can stay for as long as I can.

    I am generally more happy, confident and outgoing than I have ever been. I talk regularly with my friends and my coworkers. I am proud of how much progress I was able to make this year. More risks, less hiding at home doing nothing.

    There have been a lot of downs as well. Family stuff has been going on for over a year that has made the year a lot harder than it had to be. It seems like every month something else comes up that adds to the stress the family is facing right now. A great friend of mine, the one that is responsible for me taking the first step to bettering myself a couple of years ago, has been really distant the past year and a bit. That's been rough but I understand why. She's doing the same thing, moving on and bettering herself and part of that was letting go of a lot of her past.

    All of that stuff would have been enough to set me back before but it doesn't anymore. It sucks but it is what it is. Life will go on.

    So yeah, 2017 was overall pretty great. I hope i can continue to make progress in the new year. Anxiety still gets the better of me most days. Certain social situations are still really tough. There are people at work I have worked with for 6 months that I really never talk to I hope i can talk to more.

    (Also I make a lot less of these kind of posts here now. I know that has been a blessing to a couple of you.)
  • JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion

    @TimothyWedel I think that overall, 2017 has been a great year for you based on what you describe.

    In terms of you growing yourself, becoming more social and confident, I've been picking that up through the year as you posted and its fantastic to see yourself recognizing yourself for it.

    You've also been working a lot on positive thinking, which is great because so much is based on our own perceptions, and by actively removing negativity from your life you end up improving the quality of your life. Negativity breads more negativity and becomes a vicious cycle if you let it, and I think you've gotten to the point where you recognize that.

    It looks to me like you're also maturing and growing up in learning how to deal with the negatives that you can't cut from life. There's no question that your job has been good for you and I'm really glad you've stuck with it. Learning all the things you've been learning feels great, believe I know, because you're challenging yourself and becoming more knowledgeable, and thus stronger for it.

    With your personal and friend issues, you're not letting it set you back and again, that's a sign of maturity. Everyone has their own choices in life to make, sometimes those choices include you, sometimes they do not. That is beyond your control, and you seem to be recognizing that as well now.

    I'm very happy for you Tim!

  • JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion

    For my own part, 2017 was quite a mixed year. The year started off generally slow and I was enjoying time with family and friends a lot. Work was quiet, I did extremely well in my first year of supporting the Gusty Walk for my disease, my new treatment was working, and by mid-year I found that I was in remission for the first time ever!

    Ironically after that point, I started getting sick more (either things not agreeing with me as I tried to push the diet or a few instances of food poisoning), which impacted my personal life, and then at work they decided to cut one of my staff and unofficially but effectively demoted me. This killed much of the professional moral I had left and really ate at me for the remainder of the year.

    By October health-wise, I started a period where I was in excellent digestive health for a full eight weeks, something I hadn't done in years! Work got busier and my unofficial demotion ended in December, but other professional frustrations and staffing issues were going on and I was just a ball of grumpy. We were given the full holiday week off for the first time in a decade though, which did wonders for my mental outlook.

    I also did another massive prepayment on my mortgage and knocked off another 4 more years! At this rate, my mortgage will be fully paid off in about 16 months!

    So for 2018, I've made three New Years resolutions to help combat the issues I had in 2017 and to help me deal with my own negatives:

    1) Stop taking work home with me. I've spent a lot of time worrying and stressing over work and work projects after hours, when I'm home trying to relax and on weekends. No more. I'm leaving it at the office and making a conscious effort to stop thinking about it at home. I want to create that proper disconnect.

    2) Stop answering emails after hours. In relation to resolution 1), I'm on 24/7 call for alarm/security stuff, so I can't cut that as it's part of the job, but the rest can wait until the next business day (pending emergencies).

    3) To look after myself. My eight weeks of great digestive health, ironically, had me start pushing myself more and neglecting myself in a negative way, and that caught up with me right at years end. Paying for that a bit now and I'm not going to let myself do that further into this year. My health comes first, as it should.

    So we'll see how I do.

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    Good posts so far. I hope more people post in here. Great progress Tim, but I'm sorry about your family issues still causing stress.

    Good insight Juxt, I definitely agree that you shouldn't have to worry about work after you punch out... well for most jobs. Some jobs are a lifestyle, so its harder. Like police, doctors, and others.

    Personally 2017 was a transitional year. I was fresh out of a long relationship and struggled with wether or not to go back to it but mostly out of guilt because I wanted to make sure she had some kind of financial help, and because of the kid .... but it once 2018 came I made sure it was done completely. New start

    Also I finished college for the 2nd time in april 2017, and luckily got a job a month later when I thought I would be doomed to landscaping the rest of my life. I neglected my health most of the year and didn't go to the gym much and ate crap (not literally )

    But the trade off was finishing school, then focusing on the job I did get.

    So I have been back at the gym for 5 weeks , at least 3 days a week, I go to a gym nearby in the morning before work, and sometimes ill also go to martial arts after work.... so its a start. I plan to keep it up for another 20 weeks.

    I got a raise at work last week. My boss came up to my part of the building (which is just me and tons of room to myself to work and listen to music or podcasts.... ) and told me hes happy with my work and that's why I got an email notifying me of the raise.

    (my pay cheque this week was awesome) (not to mention the envelope of cash he gave me for an Xmas bonus a couple weeks ago)

    Then he mentioned that he wants to send me to china for a month. He mentioned this before. Before I even went to Colombia but I think now he knows I'm in it for the long haul so its not a risk to send me to china for a month , spending all that money on me just to have me quit right after or something. I also think he might send the other technician at out sister company , which would be good because at least id know someone (who is also greek)

    I don't know when, I'm sure he will need to figure out tickets, hotels, and all that junk so it might still be a little while.

    Anyway, as for goals. To get back in shape, buy a new (used) car, and that's about it. Keep killing it at work.

    Oh and I'm trying to see if I can take a vacation to Greece in the summer.

  • 2017 is an interesting Year. I officially got engaged after 7 years of co-habitation. I have pretty much decided to be retired except when I find a project that excites me. But that is always subject to change, I am blessed to be 53 and in a position financially where I have those options. I understand that, I feel so fortunate to be where I am today.

    I also discovered medicinal cannabis. Not only did it keep me off of fentanyl, it solved the pain and sleep issues. It also mellowed me the fuck out and showed me how much of a complete and total dickhead I have been at various points in the past 53 years. I am incredibly excited about the future of Canadians and Pot. It isn't a universal cure, but it definitely has had a huge impact on my health.
    Since starting I have dropped 50 lbs all of my test numbers are exceptional. All of that I credit to cannabis. Being pain-free and well rested meant I didn't crave hollow carbs for stress and pain.

    I don't think this fact and "getting engaged" was totally unrelated either. LOL

    Seriously thinking a couple Youtube channels might keep me out of trouble and off the streets... but we will see. Definitely, plan to continue volunteering with Vets, so maybe a Youtube channel talking about Vets and PTSD... who knows.

  • JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion

    @Law212 Congrats on the raise and bonus man, that's absolutely awesome. I personally believe you made the right choice in your personal life, and if you do go to China please bring be back a hot Asian chick. Maybe make sure there's air holes in the container this time...

    @EchoGolfSierra Huge congrats on the engagement man, and it's awesome to hear your health is really on the upswing. For your financial position, that is indeed awesome, and I'm hoping to do something rather similar with my life.

  • DoosDoos Centurion

    Get into day trading weed stocks, EGS. This shit is fucking nuts right now.

  • @Doos said:
    Get into day trading weed stocks, EGS. This shit is fucking nuts right now.

    you can thank retired vets for the boom in your medicinal cannabis stocks:) we eat that shit up.... literally

  • DoosDoos Centurion

    and dummies like me who have some extra money and are just pumping stocks without any real knowledge. Every fucking stock is going up every goddamn day.

  • 2017 was one of the worst years of my life (second only to the year before), unfortunately. My ex has been on a campaign of what they call "parental alienation" and vexatious litigation. I shouldn't say much more than that in a public forum, but it's been emotionally and financially devastating. Honestly, I'm just proud to say I'm still alive.

  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    I'm sorry to hear that Mecandes....
    Stick in there. I know women can be vengeful C words When they want to hurt an ex. Your situation isn't unique . Lots of men get sucked into long and costly court battles over child custody and women do it because they know it fucks the man over.

    Suicide rates for men is high and a big reason is because of being financially ruined by women taking them to court for alimony and other things. Also they use kids as a weapon to hurt the man even more.

    Stay strong.

    Today , getting married and or having kids with a woman is a giant risk. Well, a giant risk for men , but its a free ride for women.

  • My dog got put down yesterday.
  • Law212Law212 Centurion

    @Smoreninja said:
    My dog got put down yesterday.

    Damn, very sorry to hear that.

  • @Mecandes sorry dude, hope 2018 turns the tide your way

    @Smoreninja sorry to hear that

  • Well the top half of this thread was mostly positive, so glad to hear that things are going well in general for the majority of you guys.

    @Mecandes I'm sorry to hear that man. Stay strong.

    @Smoreninja Sorry for your loss man.

    Anyway, after being AWOL for the past few months, I figure here would be a good place to start posting. So I ended up getting promoted to district manager in March of 2016. Since then, due to many factors, I've been getting progressively busier at work. In Septemberish of 2016 work started getting very stressful and as a result I started sleeping pretty poorly and started having health issues. I'd wake up at 3 am pretty much every night and start to worry about bullshit at work that I had to deal with. I'd have massive anxiety and really bad acid reflux to the point that I thought I'd developed an ulcer or something. This continued on for several months. I started looking for a new job. Not really all that hard truthfully as there wasn't a whole lot that would get me equivalent to what I was making.

    Finally in about June I said fuck it, why am I letting this shit get to me? I started busting my ass at work to clean up my district, left all the bs at work and stopped swearing all the little stuff. Now I have the smoothest running district in the city, I actually sleep and don't wake up in the morning feeling like a bag of smashed assholes. As a bonus, we got a new Service Manager (who I report to) in October that has made my job even easier. That's pretty awesome considering the last guy wasn't really ready for the job and was a huge contributing factor in my stress levels.

    Family wise, things have been fine, probably better now that I'm not going to up and die on them due to stress levels going through the roof.

    So all that being said, I'd say my goals for the year are to try and help the other district managers get their shit squared away and lose all the fucking weight I put on when I was in my slump.

  • JuxtaposeJuxtapose Centurion

    @Mecandes Really sorry to hear this man, and I truly hope this year treats you better.

    @Smoreninja Dude, I'm so sorry! As a dog lover myself, I know how sad and hard that can be.

    @Lactos Good approach man, and I'm really trying that myself now. I also don't recommend ulcers, they rather blow.

  • Thanks for the support. It sucks but I have 10 great years with Emma so that's what I'll hold on to.
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