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Xbox Game Pass

has anyone tried it... I just signed up for the 14 day trail.
It is like netflix for Xbox priced at $12 can /month


  • DoosDoos Centurion

    I've looked into it a couple of times but I haven't done much Xbox gaming in ages. I think it's a great idea and coupled with MS saying that ALL future Xbox exclusives will be on it day one (I think that's what they said) and their whole 'Everything works together in our MS Ecosystem' setup it really is positioning them for the future of games, as I see it.

    I'll reiterate my prediction here:

    Buy a subscription, get linked to a cloud based setup wherein hardware is server side and all you need is a 'controller' and you play all the games.

    It's going to happen as speeds get faster and faster. Hell, it was happening in the 90's with Sega TV and has happened time and again since then. Same thing stops it everytime.. Adoption rates aren't high enough because pings are too high.

    That'll change soon enough. 20 years from now if we're not in the midst of a nuclear winter we'll be amazed that we used to have buy a game to play it in the same way that I look at my big bag of CD's and then look at my phone.

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