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August 19, 1993
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  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Friends told me I couldn't do it. I did it. #100000
  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    My last job was at a dead end gas station with no opportunity for advancement. This one is a 6 month at home contract with opportunity for extension and advancement at a massive company. I think its enough of an improvement for now.

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    I didn't want to say anything until I was about to go to bed in fear of jinxing it but I had an amazing day today.

    It was very laid back. Played some League with friends, watched a bunch of X-Files with the family and had a great conversation with my best friend.

    I hope the rest of the week goes this way.
  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    To go along with the mostly positive life updates recently

    Today was fantastic. Instead of work feeling like the place I have to go to and remember how bad I am at everything to do with socializing lately it has started to feel like the place I get to go to and chill with buddies (both coworkers and customers) and make some cash doing it. There are still people I am trying to build work relationships/friendships with but for the most part I feel like I can easily chum it up with my coworkers.

    Feels good man.

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    I blame him
  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    It looks like my dad stress leave money/insurance is about to he pulled and my parents wont ge able to afford their house anymore. They are planning on selling and moving to Edmonton where most of our extended family is if that happens but I'm not ready to leave my job so I've been looking for a place to live for the past couple of months. In the months I've been looking I have only ever seen one single listing In the part of town i need to be in and it was more than double my budget.

    Yesterday i was looking and i saw a listing posted 23 hours prior for a place in the area of town i need. Looked at the address and it is the fairplex literally 15 feet behind the hardware store i work at. You could spit and hit my job from that place. The price is a little high but for now I could probably afford it for a couple of months until I find so.ewhere else. It's perfect.

    I sent a text yesterday and they told me to text them again this morning and we will talk. I sent that text 4 hours ago and haven't heard anything back yet. If I don't get this place I honestly dont know where I'm going to live in the next month or two.