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October 24, 1980
  • DoG maitenence

    I'm the funniest guy here. Wanna here a joke? Go fuck yourself.
  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    Calling is always the way to go. Texting is for pussies when real shit is on the line. If it's just 'Hey fun.. la dee da' conversation then whatever, text. If you want to hit some real shit, you're face to face or at the very least on the goddamn phone.. so you can hear every step and stutter of their voice.. so you know what they're actually feeling by their tone.. not so you can sit and think of the perfect answer and the other person is all 'Did they get my text? Did I say the right thing?' Fuck all that shit.

    Live life, get fucked up once in awhile. The most alive you're ever going to feel is when everything is taken from you and smashed on the ground and rubbed in your face. You wanna miss that? I sure don't. When you rise like the motherfucking phoenix from the ashes, look who the world gets to deal with now. NEW YOU! The one who fucked shit up, got fucked with and came back to kick more ass.

    Gen X Represent! HOO AHH!
  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    DoG Fleshlights for all!
  • Star Wars HYPE (no spoilers)

    I didn't really have plans to see the movie any time soon but with all the people going around trying to spoil it for everyone I'm kinda planning on seeing it as quickly as I can.

    I wish you could just.. like, punch people in the face through the internet, y'know? Like ruining peoples fun just for the sake of it? That's a bloody nose for sure. Maybe a black eye too, just so people around them know 'Hey, sometimes this guy does stuff that means he needs to get punched. So punch him if you feel he's being a dick.. he's already softened up, try to hit him there again.'

    Punching people in the face needs to come back in style. I don't mean knock them unconcious and then boot 'em when they're down.. just a good ol' fashioned sock in the eye. Like 'Fuck you, dude! You should know better!'
  • !Movies! - Old - New - !Movies!

    @Law212 said:
    AMericans think they were the reason WW 1 and 2 went to the allies. They have such a narrow view of history. They don't know anything about the contributions of other countries.

    Well, WW2 was in large part finished because of US entering the war. But those damn ruskies fucked the Germans up on the eastern front in that fucking Stalingrad meat grinder and the UK with their counterintelligence and code breaking efforts. But the US also stalled out the Japanese so they couldn't join the European theater.

    I mean, it was group effort but I think the general consensus is that the North American effort in logistics really smoothed things out for the Allies. Being able to build all the tools necessary for the war effort unhindered in North America and ship it over was a massive benefit.

    I LOVE the logistics of WW2. It's fascinating.

  • Pineapple on pizza

    ^I like the sound of that even though I don't believe it in the slightest. It's nonsense.. but it sounds good.

  • Hot Ones

    @Sintacs I really don't find Sean Evans to be as lackluster as you two seem to but I do understand the point where he seems unaffected by the wings. I mean, the guy does this 1-3 times a week. Sometimes he dies a little but most of the time he's pretty collected. He actually talks about it a little bit on the most recent episode.

    You can watch him die eating the carolina reaper if you like.

  • The look of DoG

    @Juxtapose said:
    I also like it.

    One thing though is threads I haven't read yet or updated threads don't appear different than threads with nothing new.

    Yes, and the page you're on in the thread isn't shaded. However you say that. If I'm on page 50 of 60 it doesn't show it. You just have to guess.