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    Oh my bad, didn't notice we were on page 4 when I clicked into the thread :/ and having no edit I can't fix my last post. Gimme some reaction stuff to this post or the last one guys, I'm 3 points away from an edit button, and would really like to have it back.

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    I bought a Surface Pro 4, i7, 16GB Ram, 512GB SSD

  • my hat off to Jimmy Kimble

    There's a lot the US needs to do with their gun laws. Allowing civilians to own fully automatic weapons is pretty insane, and I'm somebody that would absolutely love to own any of the AK series rifles. Allowing civilians to get concealed carry licenses is pretty nuts too, IIRC pretty much only police and military can get that here in Canada. Even outside of concealed carry, you still can't really be out and about with a gun anyway here, you need to be transporting it to or from somewhere that you can legally use it, and have it locked up with the ammo locked up separately. Just implementing those few things in the states would do a lot for them IMO, if you further copy our laws, I think you'd see a huge drop-off in gun-related deaths after a while. It wouldn't even really take guns away from people outside of the full autos, but you don't really need to have those anyway, plus you can get semi auto variants that would be legal under new laws for a large portion of them too. Better gun laws won't really impact responsible gun owners all that much, but it would definitely hurt the irresponsible ones, and the outrage gun laws seem to cause in the states leads me to believe most of them are the irresponsible sort.

  • Legalized recreational cannabis is here!! (in Canada that is..)

    @Smoreninja One piece of advise I'll give you (and anybody else here with any interest in trying edibles) with edibles though (assuming you've never had any before) start low and work up. If you do not have any tolerance, edibles will absolutely kick your ass, even with tolerance they can still be pretty intense, and being too high your first time being high isn't a pleasant experience (though you should be fine once it leaves your system, AFAIK there's never been any reported deaths due directly to cannabis consumption). I had some Firebars earlier this year and just one piece of those (around 23mg THC) kicked my ass, I basically didn't leave the couch once it kicked in, a buddy of mine with no tolerance had half a piece and had the same happen to him. I probably wouldn't recommend going over 10mg for a first timer, and absolutely give it plenty of time (1.5-2 hours) to kick in before even considering more. This is a fairly common thing newbies do, they expect it to come on faster than it does, and assume nothing is happening, so they consume more before they've even been hit by the initial dose. The effects will also last much longer with edibles, so plan accordingly. I don't know if "hobby" is the right word, but I pretty much look at it the same as drinking. I don't know what I'd really refer to drinking as either though, but people never seem to have issues talking about drinking as a social thing to do or whatever.

    People tend to forget that alcohol is a drug. I honestly don't view any substance use as anything different from consuming alcohol. Alcohol, just like any other psychoactive substance, can be used responsibly and it can be abused. I do understand the stigma still attached to marijuana and other substances, and I think what it primarily comes down to is a lack of education and the spread of disinformation. What I don't understand is why there isn't more stigma around alcohol, the stuffs really not all that great for you. Cannabis is significantly less bad (I'd never say it's good for you either as I do not believe it is, despite potentially having health benefits, smoking anything is still inhaling smoke, which is never good) for you, and this can be further enhanced by vaping concentrates or consuming edibles. When out, if I'm presented the choice of alcohol or cannabis, I'll absolutely go with cannabis. I don't need to fill my gut with something to feel it's effects, if hit with any negative effects, I find them to be easier to manage than those from alcohol, and if I were to overconsume, I can take care of myself better when high vs drunk. It's also never given me a hangover (though cannabis hangovers do exist, they're not even remotely as bad as those from alcohol). I do think legalization is great, but I'm not gonna be rushing out to buy any, and doubt I'll have any more desire to purchase it than I have in the past before legalization. I am very interested to see where things go though, and have actually been paying more attention to the news in regards to the legalization (both pre and post) than I have with any news really (generally I don't pay much attention to the news).

    Wow, I didn't really intend to spew fourth such a massive wall of text, guess I got carried away. Anyway, it's mostly just opinions on stuff, with the exception of the edible tips, definitely need to be careful with em if you don't want to be overwhelmed.