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  • A Little Stress Relief

    In case you guys need a little help getting through some stress:

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Today was the Gutsy Walk for Crohn's and Colitis Canada, a 5K walk fundraiser, in which I took part. My goal was $150.00 and I raised over $1,500.00!

    Outside of the rain, it was a lot of fun and something I'll do again next year!

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    On Tuesday I went to my doc's to get the results of that MRI I had, and I'm still digesting the news he gave me: I'm in complete remission.

    There is no inflammation, no scar tissue, no blockage, and the ulcers are so microscope now the MRI can't see them. If my doctor didn't already know I have Crohn's he'd have said I'm completely healthy.

    This is fantastic, and he pulled out last year's MRI to compare and show how rough things were then. This kind of a turn-around in only a year is so rare he said he's either never seen it before or so rarely that he can't remember.

    I still need to watch my diet and stuff, I'm not cured as that's not possible, but being in remission like this is the best medical science can do for me right now.

  • Video Editing for beginners??

    @Sintacs said:
    Windows Movie Maker was actually pretty decent but I think they discontinued it. Last I heard they planned on rolling out something new last fall, but I haven't looked into that at all.

    Yeah, it's been discontinued and at last check, it hasn't been replaced. This is what I used for years and it was very simple and easy to use.

    @EchoGolfSierra I now use VideoPad Video Editor. It's free, and looks a bit intimidating (less intuitive than Movie Maker), but once you start figuring it out it's very easy.

  • The big problem with AAA games today

    @Doos I believe the first "modern" DLC, the first use of that term, was with Mechassault on the Xbox.

    But as @EchoGolfSierra pointed out, what we now call DLC was common on the PC through the '90's, it simply didn't have the marketing buzz term. He also mentions the magazine demo discs, which is quite correct. Once the internet really became a thing though, what we now call DLC became free for almost a decade and typically released via patches.

    Then Xbox LIVE came along, and monetized it again.

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    @TimothyWedel said:
    The world tried to goof me by throwing in a little bit of bad luck. The pharmacist assistant that was getting my very embarrassing medication ready and had to explain it to me was my biggest crush in high school.

    The world must not have gotten the memo that self conscious Tim has been taken over by chill, cool Tim. It was a little embarrassing but I'm not dying over it like I would have.

    That's good @TimothyWedel . Embarrassing situations come up in life, and learning to roll with them is important. Most of the time they're not as embarrassing as we think, or even if they are, most people won't care for very long unless you yourself make a big deal about it.