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April 13, 1981

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  • Crazy American politics

    They have a better understanding of reality tv shows than they do of reality

  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    Welp, being sent on my first travel outing for work. Not China , but Latin America. Probably within a week or 2. I asked for 2 weeks to get ready, they kind of gave the look that means tell them a shorter time.... So i said give me 1 week to prepare.

    I need to prepare a power point for training other technicians, which is the purpose of them sending me to other countries. Ive had 3 weeks of training, then 2 to 3 weeks of figuring things out on my own, now i have to go around training other people..... Well at least it comes with a raise.

  • I tip my hat to EB games

    EB games is now just a toy store with video games.

  • What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    Yeah the gems really helped I spent a ton of money and upgraded the gold intelligence gems as much as i could and socketed 5 of them into my armour and it boosted me quite a bit. Then i did the same for a couple purple gems and got me regaining over 40,000 health per hit. along with my skeleton minions (7 of them) heal me every time they hit.

    I kind of want to see if i can complete more of the achievemnts beyond the 4 , but the requirements are pretty tough.

  • What Did You Buy Recently?

    I just bought the Witcher 3 season pass for $12.50 on GOG, thats a great deal for the amount of content in the two expansions that it comes with. Both combined are said to be about an additional 30 hours of gameplay. Thats about how long the witcher 2 would take to finish.

  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    Landscaping can be OK. Though the last place I was at we started at 7 and id g et home at about 9 pm.

    every day.

    It wasn't worth it and it wasn't worthwhile for me.