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    They have a better understanding of reality tv shows than they do of reality

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    Welp, being sent on my first travel outing for work. Not China , but Latin America. Probably within a week or 2. I asked for 2 weeks to get ready, they kind of gave the look that means tell them a shorter time.... So i said give me 1 week to prepare.

    I need to prepare a power point for training other technicians, which is the purpose of them sending me to other countries. Ive had 3 weeks of training, then 2 to 3 weeks of figuring things out on my own, now i have to go around training other people..... Well at least it comes with a raise.

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    @Juxtapose said:
    I've never understood paying for mystery items...

    You ever take a girl on a date? youre paying for a mystery item.

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    I got back from San Diego California last night. It was a short trip, but wow it was amazing there. 19 degrees and sunny most of the time. Right by the ocean . Driving on their 5 lane highway was crazy.

    I loved it there. Also drove past High Moon studios on the way to my hotel. which is just outside of san diego , in Carlsbad . So that was kind of cool.

    The people were great. I never ran into anyone I didn't like right away. My work contact was great, and took me out to lunch and we talked work, and about things in general. The people I was there to train were really nice and I was able to hang out and talk to them afterwards as well.

    I didn't take many pictures, just a few because I don't have many chances to as I was driving or just in the middle of something but ill post what I took later on.

  • Loot Boxes

    @Juxtapose said:

    @Law212 said:

    @Juxtapose said:
    I've never understood paying for mystery items...

    You ever take a girl on a date? youre paying for a mystery item.

    Ha! Not exactly the same thing.

    No, loot boxes are probably a better use of your money!

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    Landscaping can be OK. Though the last place I was at we started at 7 and id g et home at about 9 pm.

    every day.

    It wasn't worth it and it wasn't worthwhile for me.