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  • Random Beef! *Insert Rant Here*

    Thanks guys

    Today weather was more stable and water stopped rising (for now) but we're expecting more rain this week. So, we remain under high alert for now and waiting anxiously for a few sunny days so the water can recede back.

    Also, things are so bad here, i found a humpback whale illegally parked in my driveway this

  • where do most of you get your PC games?

    Even though we, as core gamers, usually buy games day 1, there is still a large percentage of people who buy games as holiday presents. And since Fall is the season where consumers spend most of all seasons, it is absolutely normal that developpers will want to release their new products during that time and profit from that increase of consumerism.

    As for the Golden age there are 2 ways of seeing it. The first would be during the late 90s-early 90s where consoles and games evolved enough to replace arcade games (especially graphically) which brought the 3rd major industry crash.

    The second way to see a Golden era is by looking at revenue increase in the industry which would mean that the PS3/Xbox360 gen would be the Gold age of gaming since it was the most profitable generation (so far) as developpers were breaking record sales year after year.

    Btw guys, in case you didn't know, we're a few months away from celebrating the 70th anniversary of video games 'cause Pong wasn't the first video game created (it was the first commercially sold though, and it's not Pong but Magnavox Odissey in 1971). The first game was created in 1947 and presented at a museum exhibit to show the possibility of interactivity between humans and tv screen, and it was called Tennis for two (you guys know this game as Pong). So, you jerks better start baking cake, you lousy pie

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILERS

    I don't know if i said it before but...

  • This "Winter" Storm

    getting same freezing rain but seen worse, it snowed the day i was born (mid May)

  • The Walking Dead - Season 6 (Spoilers)

    Finally the prick and the other lousy kid died...dumb brats.

    Speaking of which, Karl really need to learn not to stand in front of upcoming bullets 'cause you know, Governator Jr.

    And lastly, Rocket Launcher!!!