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  • Has anyone noticed a decline in activity on the forums? Is the conversation elsewhere? I know i haven't been as active as of late, I'm hoping to have more time soon with taking a step back from work a little bit..
  • Been off work since the 5th, been home with the wife with the little one all week! must say i've enjoyed it and don't want to go back to work on Thursday!
  • Yesterday the wife, and i welcomed our first child into the world! Born at 23:22 August 5th weighing a wopping 6lb, 15oz We named her Iris
  • @Law212 said: what made you decide this? dont you like the restaraunt business anymore.? Don't get me wrong i love it. But at this point in my life i don't know how much more i can handle it. Almost everyone i know from the industry gets bur…
  • So I'm pretty sure I'm going to changing careers soon. I've started thinking about going back to school. I've always wanted to do policing so either I start doing some volunteering and community work in the mix of finding a security job. T…
  • My first car I paid 300 for it. Best decision ever. Even though I just drove it to and from work and the gym. Saved me over an hr a day.
  • I hear yah. Work does a lot to limit you from gaming. I mean I have friends that work 5 48 hrs a week, and still game 6 or 7 hrs a day still. I might game once every few weeks now. Id rather go home make dinner and watch some tv. Just chil…
  • Weird, i cant seem to find it on the site.
  • @Law212 maybe you were invited to this?
    in Decision making Comment by Ozzi July 10
  • I might have a copy in a box somewhere. I think I'm about 45 mins away from you.
  • After setting up the old router I had to set it up under WDS bridging. I have to reset the new router (dlink ac3200) every few hours because it will connect, but there wont be any internet access. It fixes itself after unplugging the m…
    in Home Networks Comment by Ozzi July 1
  • But i don't have a Ethernet cord running upstairs so the upstairs would need to be wireless as well But I want to plug my desktop into because it isn't wireless.
    in Home Networks Comment by Ozzi June 28
  • @Law212 Yeah the 3200 as a router. And The 1750 as a repeater
    in Home Networks Comment by Ozzi June 28
  • @Juxtapose Ganondorf, from Zelda. That particular one is Ganondorf from Ocarina Of Time
  • This one is in progress A few more sessions
  • Im reviving this thread ive gotten a few recently.. this is my newest
  • I thought that one looked awesome as well, there are a few i have an eye on. I doubt i will pick any up. I can't find the time for gaming anymore.
  • I just had a guy try to> @Law212 said: When I graduated from my program in April, I told myself . "Never landscaping again!" ... Then I had to get a job landscaping because I couldn't find anything else.... Tomorrow I start my job doing IT…
  • That's what i was saying. I think she is planning on cancelling it soon. The stuff was cool, but not worth the cost by any means.
    in Loot Boxes Comment by Ozzi June 12
  • The Wife subscribes to a box called "bark box" it's a box that comes every month that is for the dogs. new theme every month. they get new chews, treats toys. It's expensive as all hell though i think it's close to $50/month.
    in Loot Boxes Comment by Ozzi June 12
  • @Juxtapose said: @wikkiwild1 said: Why the F**K can't people read simple signs? Seriously, why? Condo board posted notices on every ones door regarding putting recycling in the recycling bin and garbage in the garbage bin. Som…
  • I've been contacted by a e-transfer scammer on multiple occasions through my business. I've reported it to the police a few times, an officer pops in grabs copies of the emails, and just tells me to ignore them, or i can tell them i've contacted th…
  • @Juxtapose said: @Ozzi said: Traded the Malibu in for this beast! Awesome, how's it drive! It drives really nicely! The dealer put new brakes, and tires on it.
  • Traded the Malibu in for this beast!
  • Do you know how much it costs for a plumber to do the install?
  • @Juxtapose i think the pregnant wife appretiates it more than me lol.
  • That would be cool. I woukd totallt check that out. Is Logan coming out this tuesday?
  • Destiny was fun for a bit, but i noticed it getting really repetitive really quickly. Ill probably pick up the second one ince it goes on sale.
  • Home ownership at its finest. Just bought a new central air unit, and air purification system..
  • Ive noticed the forums have been quiet lately.