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  • Bleh, My foot has flared up quite a bit. Not sure if it's the cold weather, or what but it's been aching. To the point i can't walk for long. I go back for more Xrays next week so hope the aching will just be something that is part of the healing p…
  • I got mostly cash, and an Android Box. My daughter was spoiled. We are still trying to figure out what to do with all of her toys. Once the weather gets nicer i'll probably build her a toy box or something.
  • I worked until about 9pm or so. The headed home where a few friends, and their spouses came over and played some board games. This was the first new years in a long ass time i haven't gotten fucked right up. I must say i had a blast!
  • In terms of games. PC is always digital. I love the ease of steam. But Consoles are all physical. I don't usually sell my games, so i've thought about going digital. I still like the idea of selling my shit after i'm done with it. Like right now i'm…
  • I watched that show as well. Very interesting stuff. Makes me wonder how serial killers brains click. I do know that majority of them had traumatic lives prior. Been watching a lot of interesting shows recently. Watched a documentary mini series la…
  • I'd be down to gaming a Blizzard game with y'all. I get some free time usually after 8pm.
  • Lots, and lots of BF1. Love that game. Easy to just pick up. Allows me to play a match or two when i have 30, or 40 minutes to spare.
  • @EchoGolfSierra said: @Ozzi said: @TimothyWedel said: That's a pretty sweet monitor. I've been looking for a large ultrawide for a while now and this is the cheapest I have seen one that is higher res than 1080p. …
  • Fuck, Life is busy. I got the restaurant running itself, so i decided to give some other stuff a go. I go back to school in May(as i mentioned before). I also started a new job for a largely expanding Canadian tech company. Which is a nice change …
  • @TimothyWedel said: That's a pretty sweet monitor. I've been looking for a large ultrawide for a while now and this is the cheapest I have seen one that is higher res than 1080p. I might phone in tomorrow and ask them if there is anything I ca…
  • I bought that one on, bestbuy's doorcrasher day. It got backordered on me.
  • Merry Christmas all! This year was a very special Christmas for me. It was my Daughters first Christmas! We had a great time with friends, and family.
  • @Law212 I'm paying about 180/month after taxes. I have Ignite 250 down/ 20 up Cable, i have the top tier plan, no HBO or any of that. and basic home phone, with NA Calling. I'd like to get on the 500 down or 1 gigabit down. My mom got one of tho…
  • @Law212 I'm going for a Combined BA Honours in Criminology, and Policing. It's Part time online, So if i work at it i will be done in about 5 years. Just will open up some more doors for me. I could get into anything from Policing, to Corrections,…
  • Rogers, They've been driving me nuts. I'm trying to re work my package with them, just trying to save money. Either cut my cable out entirely, Or go down to basic cable. Well Shit they keep offering me these offers which will increase my monthly pl…
  • I got into University! I was extremely surprised to see the offer! I was never the type to apply myself academically. I am beyond excited!
  • @EchoGolfSierra scary shit man. Yeah it's been quite painful the last few days. I went and cut down a Christmas tree, and of course the only one we could find was at the back of the damn farm. And I still have a ton of work I need to do ou…
  • Went for a follow up on my broken foot.. well that fucker is still broken. It's being pesky. I can walk fine..but doctor said it isn't ready to come out of the aircast. I have to get another xray In 6 weeks to see how it is..
  • @EchoGolfSierra where did you find one? I missed out on the PSVR, going to be looking for one on boxing day!
  • got CoD WW2 from Amazon from one of their crazy deals 49.99 Plus a 20 percent pre order discount for being a prime member. Beat it, now im going to trade it in, and pick up Assassins Creed after hearing a bunch of great things about it. I played t…
  • Sounds like i will be busy figuring it out bleh. Why must nothing be easy..
  • Thats a nice find @Law212! Man we just got a value village, and i really gotta check it out.
  • Just finished my second round of interviewing for a new job. I still have the restaurant, but i am outsourcing my position so the place will run whilst im not there. I havent had any time for my family which is rough. Im working 7am till 1…
  • Got back Into WoW been playing the shit out of it when the kid is asleep. Im thinking about picking up Destiny 2..
  • I dont drink, maybe go to the bar twice a year. My best friend was down from Victoria, anyways. We were going to go to Canadas wonderland, but me being superstitous i decided against it. Rightfully so lol
  • I broke my foot.. technically yesterday. Whilst drinking, and stupidly enough i thought it was fine (just a sprain or a pulled muscle), and drank all night until 7am, woke up at 10:30, put in 10 hrs at work realizing something is wrong, and left ear…
  • I use this tracker, and it has proven quite successful for me in the past. It will send a text to your phone when it goes in stock
  • I'm trying to get back Into fighting. I did some Muay Thai, and boxing at a gym for a while. It's just so pricey. Is why I stopped.
  • I've been playing the shit out of battlefield 1. Im tempted to get destiny 2 on the Xbox, but part of me wants to wait for it on PC.