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  • @Juxtapose said: @Ozzi said: So the doctors finally came to the conclusion that its a pinched nerve, or some sort of nerve damage. They have no idea how long it will be like this for. They told me it could be days week…
  • So the doctors finally came to the conclusion that its a pinched nerve, or some sort of nerve damage. They have no idea how long it will be like this for. They told me it could be days weeks or months.. awesome.. nerve pain fucking sucks. Would…
  • @Law212 said: standing a long time? could be bad shoes. Causes stress on one leg sicne the other compensates. just a thought. I do have hip issues as is. I got a Virus in my hip as a kid, and it never grew properly. I wear orthodics for…
  • Been off work for the last few days... I've been dealing with excruciating pain in my leg. The Doctors are trying to figure out whats wrong, they are testing for clots, but they don't think it's clots because of my age being in my early/mid 20's. …
  • Awesome!
    in StarCraft Free Comment by Ozzi April 20
  • My friend was telling me about Rogue One over the weekend. Ill have to rent it tonight! He got me so hyped to watch it!
  • I love WoW, but damn does it ever take up your time, i remember a few years back i would log 10+hrs, a day. 7 days a week lol. I go through spurts now, i'll play the shit out of it for 2 months, then quit playing for 8-12 months.
  • I wish i could be playing Zelda, took a break from it to get some of my stuff settled. Was going to play it last night, but damn 6pm turns into 3am pretty damn quickly when you get busy doing stuff.
  • We moved into the house almost two weeks ago, been crazy busy. Busting out a bunch of renos, and attempting to get settled in...feels like its taking forever. I'm gutting the upstairs right now. doing some framing, and putting in some new walls…
  • @TimothyWedel I've been there, Best thing to tell yourseld it isn't going to be like that forever. Life is a huge rollercoaster.
  • @TimothyWedel Anytime brother! I've been through it all. Hit me up anytime!
  • @Juxtapose i saw it a few weeks ago, great movie! That will be one of a few i acutally buy on Blu-ray.
  • A few weeks ago, we learnt that we are having a girl! Exciting! Everyone thought it was a boy, but i guess we proved a lot of people wrong. Heh. She looks healthy and we can't wait to meet her. She is due August 6th!
  • I caved, and picked up a switch. The Mrs, and I have been making some decent cash the last few months, so we treated ourselves. Been playing a shit ton of Zelda, I absolutely love it!
  • Those unexpexted moments are some of the best! Love it.
  • So ive been cleaning up/packing my apartment. Im moving into my house at the end of the week. So last night i took some stuff down to the dumpster. The dumpster is usually quite full, i noticed on top a box on its side.. Full of retro c…
  • @Rajio! Happy birthday ye olde basterd! Im not online much these days, but i remember those community nights with Battlefield 1943 that was a blast! I gotta get overwatch and join in on the shenanigans! Happy Birthday!
  • I got cable 4 months ago, im personally not digging it. The Mrs really wanted it so i got it added to our home bundle..i must say netflix is still the better option Santa clarita diet Riverdale The 100 Im set. Im thinking about st…
  • After months of neglect ive finally started back! Ive gained a shit ton of weight, been just super unhealthy these last 4 months. Would drink pots of coffee a day, not to mention would just drink a lot in general. Been 10 days since ive st…
  • Did anyone pick the console up on friday?
  • Watched ghostbusters last night It was pretty good, but damn i wish they did a remake with the originals.
  • I have it on my counter at home still in the package..i really want to start it. Just trying to find the time. Fuck, adulting sucks sometimes lol.
  • Fuck yah! We usually order pizza with Pepperoni, Pineapple, and tomato. Weird combo, but it goes well!
  • Thanks for the tips guys! Offer went through, and got accepted! Home inspection is this Friday! So if it all goes well I'll be sporting a house come March 31st! My Realtor is actually a good friend of mine, we go way back! He's also a contractor. …
  • Real Estate is confusing as fuck, I get business, and corporation stuff, but when it comes to first time home buying, holyshit it's a competitive game. I put my very first offer in yesterday. My realtor is meeting with the sellers today, so we shou…
  • I never realized it was lighter than vent and teamspeak. Those are some pretty low key programs.
    in Discord Comment by Ozzi January 30
  • Because ive had some time in my hands being sick and all, i decided to pick up Mafia 3 on sale for 40 bucks. Its not a terrible game, would not recommend it at full price i think 40 is just right for it. Hopefully ill get some more game ti…
  • Man havent played a decent mech game since mech assault!!
  • man my discord is fucked up on the PC, Had to load it from the site..Then suddenly the app starts.
    in Discord Comment by Ozzi January 29