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  • Took advantage of the double xp weekend on Diablo 3. Made almost no progress on Act 2 but I'm now level 40 on my necromancer.
  • I did some reading and apparently it will take 22 hours to beat. I am currently on 15 hours and I feel like I have about two more hours before I beat the game. Depends on how much padding the final area has.
  • I recall having a hard time against a group of enemies in the first one and never beating it because of them. I think Darksiders 2 fell victim to RNG not giving me decent gear for a while. As soon as I got my most recent scythes the game was f…
  • Holy crap, I did not realise just how long Darksiders 2 is. I decided to play it for my stream and I think I'm just about to start the final dungeon. I'm hoping to finish it this Friday so I can stream some of the other titles I picked up over the S…
  • Sorry. I started writing my reply and then forgot it. I'm playing the story mode right now. I don't regret the purchase but waiting for a price drop or sale feels like a more reasonable course of action. I'm still low level so I might change my tune.
    in Diablo III Comment by Smoreninja June 30
  • The only notable character I had was a Druid.
    in Diablo III Comment by Smoreninja June 28
  • I caved. Lots of the Necromancer's abilities are hilarious to use. Especially corpse explosion.
    in Diablo III Comment by Smoreninja June 28
  • There's that and it seems like they have gone all in with Anthem.
  • I'll be working on this as well. Seriously enjoying HotS a lot right now.
  • I'm starting to think my lack of excitement for E3 is due to two things. One is being older. The second is just there is no reason for me to get invested since most of what we see at E3 gets toned down during development anyways. I'm better …
    in E3 Talk Comment by Smoreninja June 23
  • Another general tip I can give: work on your posture. Good posture makes your back work less.
  • Good shoes are stupidly important. Even if you don't have a job that keeps you on your feet.
  • If the heavy lifting is what's causing the hurting then don't forget to stretch after your shift. Hell, a quick stretch during won't hurt either.
  • I'm too lazy to look this up myself. What's in store for 2.6?
    in Diablo III Comment by Smoreninja June 21
  • Hopefully I can make it next time. I've been playing Malthael a bunch and I feel like I have been really kicking ass as him.
  • I'm on my way home from visiting my Mom's place. I should be good to play until 6 (MT) then I need to make dinner.
  • Congrats Tim. There is nothing wrong with pre work nervousness. I was stupidly nervous when I started my job 3 years ago.
  • I didn't really watch E3 this year. I just looked at what was announced after the fact. Sea of thieves looks fun. The Switch got some solid announcements. I want to feel the hype for anthem but it's not there at the moment. Spider-Man might be fun. …
    in E3 Talk Comment by Smoreninja June 15
  • I think if we don't find any bees in the house this Summer my roommates and I are going to live here long term. I wish we decided on this sooner so I can try my hand on growing carrots and potatoes.
  • On my phone so I can't provide a link for a more in depth explanation but zurek AKA sour soup. I still use a mix for the base but one day I'll be ambitious enough to fully make it from scratch.
  • I used to know a person who got bark boxes. She was always excited to tell people what she got. It always sounded neat but I never knew that the price was $50. Apparently that same company also does Meow boxes.
    in Loot Boxes Comment by Smoreninja June 14
  • Cooking took longer than expected but the soup turned out amazing. Sunday night I should be able to scrounge up some time. I feel like some HotS to take a break from League anyways. The brawler mode is kinda fun.
  • Once I'm done making dinner I can play a few rounds tonight
  • Garbage and recycling seems to be an issue with my neighbour's as well. As in they don't understand the idea that their garbage is not my problem. Which is why I have taken to dragging my garbage and recycling bins to the garage until garbage day.
  • Why does the gameplay trailer strongly remind me of The Division's gameplay trailer? I'm gonna say that looks neat but I'm never gonna find 4 friends to play this game with me. I hope I'm wrong but I have my doubts that the final product will l…
  • He'll I'll play because HotS is a blast
  • I did! I really should get more sleep.
  • @Law212 said: Darksiders is one I need to go through . I have both in my steam collection but haven't started them. I have both originals, and now they even added the remasters to my library and ive never toutched them. Well I played about the…
  • I have gotten back into Darksiders 2. I don't know why I originally stopped but I'm having fun now. The Guns of Icarus co op mode was on sale so my friend bought it for me and I'll stream it tonight.
  • Still playing Breath of the Wild and I'm still having a blast with it. I did start play Resident Evil 7. Having only played 4, 5 and parts of 6 beforehand I can place 7 as my second favourite resident evil game.