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  • @Law212 said: watched 300 rise of a nation in 3D. awesome movie. The part where they 'negotiate' on the ship is the best bit.
  • I still watch movies on my laptop and a lot of them are DVD rips and I couldn't give a fuck. I'll get a 4K TV or whatever equivalent when I buy a new TV in 5 or so years but it'll be for video games.
  • 89 Batmobile is the best Batmobile. Agreed. But Returns is such a huge step down from the first I'm surprised ya'll like it as much as you do. Then again, I haven't seen that movie in years. I just remember not liking it. I'ma have to give it anot…
    in Justice League Comment by Doos August 3
  • You watched Keaton Batman recently? It hasn't aged poorly but it certainly has aged. Even Begins is like 12 years old now and showing signs of it. It's nice that neither relied heavily on CGI. 89 'cause it didn't exist and Nolan because I don't kn…
    in Justice League Comment by Doos August 2
  • I remember watching Batman 89 recently and noticing that almost everything that came out of the JOkers mouth was nonsense. I was probably high as giraffe pussy at the time though so maybe not but now I have to go back and watch it again to see. The…
    in Justice League Comment by Doos August 2
  • You're opinion is like.. wrong, man.
    in Justice League Comment by Doos August 2
  • This movie looks like cheese. Unfortunate that Batfleck is going to probably never get a good movie. Like a real, honest-to-goodness, Nolan-good Batman flick.
    in Justice League Comment by Doos August 1
  • 214 was a good night of fights. Jones vs Cormier I was on the edge of my seat, yelling at my computer.
    in UFC Comment by Doos July 31
  • It's fight night you fuckers! Here's my picks for the main card: Jones Lawler Cyborg Maia Manuwa I want the exact opposite to happen though, with the exception of Manuwa..
    in UFC Comment by Doos July 29
  • It's not renewed? Hell, you're right! Well, it'll come. That show is a pretty fun time.
  • Also, UFC 214 is stacked! Only 2 more days for Jon Jones to test positive for something or run into a pregnant woman or for DC to miss weight! MMA Gods, be gentle. Lawler vs Cerrone is gonna be a banger. I love Cerrone but I don't know if I'd put m…
    in UFC Comment by Doos July 27
  • Yeah I peeked in at their conferences. Pretty shameful. But as for the fight itself? I'm excited for that first round! Oh that underdog story! Can Mystic Mac take a crack? I doubt it!! But there's that little chance and that's what it's all about! …
    in UFC Comment by Doos July 27
  • Payback is one of my very favorite Mel Gibson flicks ever. It's got that film noir vibe and is just totally bad ass. I'm not a big fan of the directors cuts. Prefer the original... but it is slightly darker if I remember correctly.
  • I love the Hulk/Thor interaction. Talking Hulk is awesome.
    in Thor: Ragnarok Comment by Doos July 23
  • Running your own business looks to be the most exhausting thing in the damn world. It's all encompassing. I got a buddy running a mid sized reno company. Too big to be small, too small to be big and therein lies the problem. When you're a big com…
  • That happens fast. I don't know who half of them are but the top dogs are still kind of similar as to the last time you popped in here. Conor McGregor is going to fight Mayweather in August. The Diaz brothers are still not really fighting except a…
    in UFC Comment by Doos July 10
  • I've certainly been enjoying it. Mostly.
    in UFC Comment by Doos July 10
  • Great weekend of fights for UFC. TUF 25 Finale Michael Johnson vs Justin Gaethje was a total slobberknocker. Awesome. UFC 213 main card was mostly exciting except for the Heavyweights that think being a Heavyweight means you don't need cardio.
    in UFC Comment by Doos July 10
  • Thanks everyone. I ended up just giving up and buying it digitally. So far I'm enjoying it very much. I do also plan on playing Old Blood. All in preperation for the new one in October. Which looks awesome too. Also, everyone if you haven't played…
  • Yeah lots of dudes selling 'em in the GTA. Dunno how to go about getting them without driving for a couple of hours which I'm sort of trying to avoid. Is there like an escrow site for holding cash on sales?
  • Hey, thanks for looking!
  • I thought the same so that's what I did and no one has it. I've got an ad out on Kijiji offering $ and trade and not a single message. It's hard to find. I might have to just bite the bullet and buy it on amazon used for $40. Or just buy the damn t…
  • Me neither! It's like 10$ on Xbox right now too.
  • Wow, Green Jelly still exists?
  • American Gods. This show is pretty fucking wacky. Oh and I watched Better Call Saul and Fargo, Season 3, and enjoyed both very much. Fargo was probably the best cast so far.
  • @TimothyWedel said: I had to call in for my shift on Saturday as well. I feel bad doing this after only being there a week and a half. I guess it can't be helped though. How's the body feeling after a week and a half?
  • I enjoyed E3 this year but was not really impressed by anything aside from God of War. Which just looks really pretty and the father/son dynamic will probably make me cry at some point.
    in E3 Talk Comment by Doos June 24
  • I threw a preorder at it because it was cheap and I wanna fly around like Iron Man for an hour and then sell it for a profit. Or maybe I'll really like it and play it online!
  • We all die fighting our demons. I can't wait to get to retirement age and pick up a couple more. To paraphrase JK Simmons in Little Miss Sunshine 'When you're a kid, you're stupid to do drugs, when you're my age you're stupid not to.' I hope I can…