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  • Lost in Space is the dumbest shit ever. But I still like it. We'll see how much worse season 2 is when it lands.
  • I haven't used a case in years. Previously with Samsung phones they had a removable back and if i dropped it the back would fly off and the battery would skitter across the floor and that was that. Currently I have an SGS7 and it doesn't have the r…
  • @Sintacs Y'ever watch any Gene Hoglan drum videos? Guys a character. Hard to believe all those SYL/Dethklok etc. etc. blast beats come from those chubby legs. That Avatar band reminds me a lot of old SOAD. Maybe it's just the drummers crazy eyes. …
  • I watched the first couple of episodes of 'Lost in Space' on Netflix and I'm definitely entertained!
  • Well, the 'Don't continue if they get a fatality' is the one that made me type that.
  • You have some strange idiosyncrasies when it comes to gaming, Jux.
  • She doesn't look that easy, Law. I think she might make you work for it. @Jux I think they have a quarter inch heel. Need every bit I can get. Almost break 5'11 with those babies.
  • Eh yo, that's a good looking woman, Law. Slick boots. I've got much the same in mens. My favorite shoe purchase of all time.
  • Sounds like the beginning to a horror movie.. or a porn movie. I say go for it.
  • Oh yeah, for sure. It's so hard to convey tone through text.
  • @Tim A lot of that is right up my alley. I'm not into synth stuff though but I'm a huge fan of the blast beats. If you ever want to go deeper into that shit, Strapping Young Lad is pretty much the be all and end all of it, with another Canadian, Dev…
  • That particular album was part of my personal soundtrack circa 1996. You give that hippity hop a listen? Song completely changes half way. I like it when they do that.
  • It's amazing how shitty soda tastes when you don't drink it for a while.
  • I got it for like $45 with the ol' E3 Amazon preorder and at that price it was fine. But I wouldn't pay full price for it. It's just more Far Cry and they smoothed it out a lot but yeah.. it's kind of short.
  • I've been listening to the University radio station in London the last few weeks for a change of pace. They play lots of weird new shit. I heard this song the other night and thought it was pretty cool: Then I went back to my roots and learned t…
  • Thanks, Ganner. @Law, Yeah.. and if you'd bought WEED yesterday you'd be up 3% today or APH you'd be up 5% or ACB you'd be up 10%. In a day. That's the fun with the stock market on the daily and that's why Warren Buffet says 'Go long, son.. go lo…
  • Any investments, Law? It's a decent time to grab some weedstocks if you're looking to get into that market. Everything is down right now. Obviously I can't promise it'll ever go up but I imagine by this time next year most of 'em will be worth sign…
  • In the beginning I went the stealth route but it was just not great. I used Cheeseburger and the mountain lion for a bit but then I got that little bird and I was off and running. It was too OP and I couldn't resist. I've finished the game at this …
  • I use credit cards for all my online purchasing. If you have the ability to do so I highly recommend the same. I had fraudulent charges once because I bought some boardgames from a site that had weak security and they got hacked (or they were sellin…
  • I found it pretty difficult too in the beginning, Ozzi. I lowered the difficulty to easy and things went a little smoother. Then I started getting better fighters for the roster and then the trifecta of the attack chopper, Boomer and Nick. Fucking …
  • But, do we all admit that visually, this movie was the fucking tits, or what? That fucking sand planet shit just looked so bad ass. The 'gorilla' style walkers and all that shit. Super bad ass. As far as the story goes, they absolutely shit all ov…
  • I'm on PS4, are we buddies on there? PSN ID: DoosyBoy That game was giving me a lot of grief, even on easy (I'm getting old, leave me alone) until I got Tulip, the mini bird attack chopper. Now I'm all BF2BC on it's ass and just wreckin' the joint.…
  • I watched I think 3 episodes of American Vandal and while I thought it was very clever and quite humourous they kept on reiterating what had already been said a little too much and it started to drag the show down. I remember commenting to the wife …
  • I got im! What does he do?
    in Free Crap Comment by Doos March 31
  • I too am playing Far Cry 5. What're you playing on, Tim?
  • He heard and then thought 'Spend more money??! Are you crazy!?' I hear they have some decent tuition incentives and stuff though, that true?
  • Hey Ganner, nice to see you again. I get that 'in the books' has an explanation for everything but unless there is a direct line of dialogue or a mention of 'x' in the movies, it's not canon to me. Also, in mention of the BSG episode @Law, that's …
  • Like you, Law, I avoided everything about this movie until I watched it. The first post in this thread was my initial impression and it was tainted by no other opinions. Having said that, I've seen some other reviews (I watched Kevin Smith talk abo…
  • So, I went and looked around for some other reviews of this flick. Wow. People hate it super hard. It's like they forgot about the prequels. Oh yeah, most of the people reviewing it are too young to have watched the prequels when they came out or w…