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  • Ooh, you rascal, you!
  • Heh. Let's see if you hook someone.
  • I mean.. I don't care because I'm not going to watch it but you're spoilerific, homie.
  • I watched Land of Mine on Netflix. It was pretty good. About German POW's in Denmark after the war is over cleaning up a couple million mines they left for the Allies. It's a foreign film so you have to read the whole thing but it's pretty entertai…
  • That's a lot of drinking, Ozzi.
  • I didn't even know you could buy physical games for PC's. Like, if you go buy a modern PC and piece it together, who includes a disc drive? I have two friends that just built monster PC's for their HTC Vive's and neither included a disc drive of an…
  • @Juxtapose said: Oh, and everyone, @Doos is judging us. I said I wasn't judging! I just don't like stuff any more. As I look around and see stuff everywhere. I just noticed I have 5 guitars.
  • It's Skynet or Mad Max. Pick your poison!
  • Well, the writing is on the wall, isn't it? All manufacturing will move to where it's cheapest to produce. That area will enjoy what North America has for the last 100 years and those people will prosper until they start making too much and then the…
  • I agree with the case with the London teacher. I'm not sure what all else is being talked about here. I haven't seen anything about cameras in change rooms and what not. Is there an article to link? As for the teacher. He was fired from his job for…
  • I don't play on PC. So Steam sales don't do anything for me unless it's like an old school humble bundle. Resale on videogames is huge. I sell them on Kijiji and if you play through them in a week or two you easily recoup 75-80% of the cost. That d…
  • I buy all video games (Unless I can't find them physical, Like Wolfenstein) physical because they have resale value. I do everything else digital. Movies, music, TV shows. When I see you guys post in the 'What Did you Buy Recently' thread with all…
  • If loot boxes aren't intrusive then I don't care. People were all up in arms back in the day when Burnout Paradise allowed you to spend money to unlock all the top tier cars where others had to earn them by playing. I agree, not the best thing ever…
  • I finished Senuas Sacrifice, the latest offering from Ninja Theory. It has the same issues of all Ninja Theory games where it's just missing that certain something but it's dripping in atmosphere. The sound is excellent. Definitely recommend playing…
  • A few of my neighbours have those traps set out and they just take 'em off to the boonies and let 'em go. Or drown 'em. Yeah, London has a lot of skunks.
    in Skunked Comment by Doos October 9
  • But then if you allow doping in combat sports and someone dies? People are already doped up in combat sports for sure but they're cycling so they can't be just jacked all the time. If they could just go full Hulk mode and needle up until the walkou…
  • Watched Icarus on Netflix. It's pretty cool if it actually happened as presented. It's a documentary on steroid use in the olympics. Bryan Fogel wanted to do a documentary about a bicycle race. One year he'd compete clean, the next year he'd be dop…
  • I started Game of Thrones a couple weeks ago and now I've finished it. It's a fun series.
  • I enjoyed a lot of Covenant but didn't much care for the action sequence when they're riding around on the little construction spaceship near the end. It felt really forced. 'We need some action here so just make it so that the construction equipme…
  • I agree. I enjoyed it.
  • Recently in a quest to find new music I had been listening to the Indie Metal network on Google Play Music while I was driving. Most of it was pretty hum drum but then I heard this song and I had to pull over to fiddle with my phone and give it a 'L…
  • i redeemed the first one. thanks wikki
  • @Law212 said: watched 300 rise of a nation in 3D. awesome movie. The part where they 'negotiate' on the ship is the best bit.
  • I still watch movies on my laptop and a lot of them are DVD rips and I couldn't give a fuck. I'll get a 4K TV or whatever equivalent when I buy a new TV in 5 or so years but it'll be for video games.
  • 89 Batmobile is the best Batmobile. Agreed. But Returns is such a huge step down from the first I'm surprised ya'll like it as much as you do. Then again, I haven't seen that movie in years. I just remember not liking it. I'ma have to give it anot…
    in Justice League Comment by Doos August 3
  • You watched Keaton Batman recently? It hasn't aged poorly but it certainly has aged. Even Begins is like 12 years old now and showing signs of it. It's nice that neither relied heavily on CGI. 89 'cause it didn't exist and Nolan because I don't kn…
    in Justice League Comment by Doos August 2
  • I remember watching Batman 89 recently and noticing that almost everything that came out of the JOkers mouth was nonsense. I was probably high as giraffe pussy at the time though so maybe not but now I have to go back and watch it again to see. The…
    in Justice League Comment by Doos August 2
  • You're opinion is like.. wrong, man.
    in Justice League Comment by Doos August 2
  • This movie looks like cheese. Unfortunate that Batfleck is going to probably never get a good movie. Like a real, honest-to-goodness, Nolan-good Batman flick.
    in Justice League Comment by Doos August 1
  • 214 was a good night of fights. Jones vs Cormier I was on the edge of my seat, yelling at my computer.
    in UFC Comment by Doos July 31