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  • Make sure ya'll come to me with your 80 Gold 'PLay a friend' quests in Hearthstone. If you're playing it.
  • The times when they mix practical and CG are what hold up the best. The times when it's just CG don't look as good as they used to. Still looks good but I don't see it the same way I did when I first saw it.. which was when I was 12 and it looked re…
  • The practical effects in T2 still look awesome. The CGI looks pretty dated but definitely still works.
  • True Lies still holds up very well for being over 20 years old. The only scenes that look off are the same ones that looked off in '94. Bike jump off the building and some of the harrier stuff. James Cameron is the tits.
  • Is that from memory or is that a googling?
  • I've never seen it either. I'm scared of it.
  • Whatever you wanna call it, it needed someone at the helm willing to say 'Fuck you.. story structure.' and Mel Gibson is that guy. He probably would've added some anti semitic rhetoric just to get his point across.
  • Good question. Does the terminator let anyone else live in that movie? I'll find out one day but I watched Terminator recently and it wasn't on my mind at the time and I'm not going back in just yet.
  • I hope they get Gibson on the Suicide Squad sequel because the one thing that movie severely lacked was some solid direction.
  • Predator, Alien and a Terminator! He and Lance Henriksen (Bishop the Android from Aliens) share the honor.
  • I mean, it's your grudge to hold, Tim but if you dig deep into any celebrity you're probably gonna find some nasty shit.
  • Yeah, I pirate all viewing media. Games I pay for, Music I pay for either by access through streaming apps, sites or will buy direct from the band if they offer it. I bought Ash vs Evil Dead on bluray. It's my first blu ray purchase ever aside fro…
  • I watched Lion a little while back and got all weepy as well. Great story. All little too much time spent going 'Woe is me!' for my liking but I enjoyed it just the same. I too saw Passengers and thought it was ok. JLaw has nice boobs.
  • If you highlight all of the spoilers and click on the 'Format' button, select 'Spoiler' you can contain all them spoilers in the ol' spoiler box.
  • ^I like the sound of that even though I don't believe it in the slightest. It's nonsense.. but it sounds good.
  • I'll eat it but won't choose it. Although that picture posted above looks delicious.
  • @Sintacs said: @Doos same here, though it doesn't feel like it's been that long a wait, maybe because it's not super hyped like a lot of stuff is lately. It was probably E3 2015 or something but yeah.. not too bad. Not like Last Guardian or …
  • Pre ordered it 10 million years ago when it was announced.
  • It's not noob friendly currently but if youre playing low ranks you should still be able to win some games. Favorable trading can take you a long ways over card quality. But there's definitely some cards that are significantly better than their coun…
    in Hearthstone Comment by Doos February 19
  • I looooove that fucking game.
  • Yeah, that's all correct. If you click on Arena it'll probably give you a break down and, I believe, a free run. There's also Tavern Brawl that is available 5 days a week, I think? Where it'll give you a different objective or way to build a deck o…
    in Hearthstone Comment by Doos February 17
  • Yes, that's what I'm saying. In an effort to curb the ridiculous power levels that some of their cards have, they've been rotating the expansions out of 'Standard' play. They are still available in 'Wild'. I don't even think you can purchases some o…
    in Hearthstone Comment by Doos February 16
  • Those are PVE adventures, Jux. You win 'em and they give you cards. If you save up enough in game gold you can buy em with that otherwise they cost real life fun bucks. Most of them operate with different sets of rules kind of and different hero pow…
    in Hearthstone Comment by Doos February 15
  • As a new player I recommend you watch Trump Teachings. They are pretty old now but they still stand up for the basics of Hearthstone play. Also, play all classes up to level 10.
    in Hearthstone Comment by Doos February 15
  • I'm interested. Watched some gameplay. Looks funnish for a bit.
    in For Honor Comment by Doos January 28
  • I've been playing Trials on PS4 again. A real life buddy picked it up and said he was close to beating some of my times so I touched 'em up and now he's crying. Hahaha.. DoosyBoy on PSN if anyone wants to take a shot. Bring it.
  • Never even heard of such a thing, Ozzi. Glad you got it figured when you did. Dehydration is scary shit. I've seen it first hand and it can make a ghoul out of a person fast.
  • Hmm.. I'd have to imagine that one of the super early dnd/rpg games probably allowed you to change your face or something. Good question. I wonder what the first one that I can remember playing would be? Ok, Morrowind for sure. I played that on the …