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  • Yeah, I loved mine while I had it, think I had it plugged in for 2 years, unplugged it and that's when it stopped working. I'm just glad the current Xbone controllers have Bluetooth, just had to grab a $15 Bluetooth adapter to toss in a USB port and…
  • I haven't used one of those since the Windows Vista days, so I can't really comment on issues regarding them. Mine died before I got a PC with a new OS, and I've been using wired/Bluetooth controllers ever since anyway. As for clean installs and wh…
  • @Law212 said: Also while a program like geforece experience may auto DL drivers, sometimes you don't want it to. sometimes a new driver causes issues with certain games or 3d settings. so if you do a clean install you will need to rollback and…
  • @Law212 that's the one I was telling you about a few weeks back. I'm pretty stoked for it.
  • I don't think they ever explained it, but the writer or director or somebody said Magneto could have helped him get them back, but there's never been an official explanation AFAIK.
  • There's a drive-in here that I shit you not, had a tornado plow through the screen that was showing Twister back when that came out. I think it happened during the day when nobody was there, but it was the exact screen Twister was playing on.
  • I think I've fallen out of love with Star Wars at this point. I absolutely loved it growing up, but these days the only thing I can muster for it is "meh". I wasn't overly hyped for the Force Awakens, ended up seeing it I theatres because everybody …
  • @TimothyWedel I'm always around if you need to vent.
  • @ReclaimerM3GTR said: I think I'm gonna do a run through of Sara Ryder once I dig my heel some more in the MP I wanted to run through with her initially but I really just didn't like her, I couldn't make a custom face not look like crap, and…
  • @ReclaimerM3GTR did you get the $1 for a month offer? I just resubbed through that last night. Got one of those back in like January too.
  • Yeah, I enjoyed the third even though it got a lot of hate. Now that you mention the Xavier thing I remember that, but I don't think I remember it happening in the movie, think my memory of it either comes from comics of the animated series.
  • I think the new movie creators pretty much admitted to considering the original 3 (at the very least, the 3rd movie anyway) as never really existing, despite bringing in some of the actors from them for the newer ones. I mean Charles was suddenly ba…
  • @Law212 I definitely need to play more of that one, grabbed it years ago but only really played it for a week then forgot I even had it. @Juxtapose said: Dungeons are available to me now, but I haven't tried them yet. They're the ones where y…
  • I have it. It has so fucking much DLC. Honestly, the game should be F2P at this point. I don't have it installed though because of the way they do updates, it's super system intensive, I think they do something like force you do re-download the game…
  • If lore is the only thing that's really drawing you, that's something you can access online without the need to pay to play. The gameplay doesn't really get any better, they just increase the number of things you have to fetch or kill to complete th…
  • Personally I enjoyed the original 3, plus the two Wolverine movies more than the ones with the younger teams, though I think that's more because I really don't like a lot of the actors those ones had. I absolutely cannot stand hunger games chick (I'…
  • So SMITE is doing a kart racer mode very soon, I'm actually pretty stoked for this.
    in SMITE Comment by Sintacs April 6
  • Ah, then they've changed it. They used to have odd mash-up stuff with dev names, or Smite God names, sometimes even Paladins character names with other things. I never actually experienced that window while levelling as they didn't have that back wh…
  • @IgnitionCORE said: you really feel like part of a squad because everyone has to do their job for you to consistently do well in Paladins you can get away with a lot more if you decide to lone wolf At lower levels in Paladins this can b…
  • @IgnitionCORE I've been playing Paladins (PC) since the beta first started, and it's in a much better place now than it was initially. When it first rolled out, they were really clinging to a lot of MOBA mechanics without it actually being a MOBA, s…
  • @Juxtapose It could be, though it would probably be better used to carve some better faces into the characters of the game.
  • So far I'll say a lot of the faces are terrible, not necessarily the facial animations as many have been complaining about, but the faces in general are just very bad. I've also had some pretty low FPS drops at a few points on my standard PS4 which …
  • Looks like each character will have their own health (100-200), armor (0-150), and movement speed (200-800). Seeing the heroification of it has killed what little hype I had for the game, though I kind of expected this from the "Champions" title. Li…
  • Can't wait to play, currently installing.
  • I'm really hoping it's not just another hero shooter, as that's kind of what it's looking like. I'll definitely give it a shot, but I'd really prefer a traditional arena shooter over a hero shooter.
  • @Juxtapose, yeah, we should definitely get everybody on a somewhat even playing field somewhere for now, we can worry about getting people caught up after the new season starts on the next D3 night. I was thinking I'll stream our session tonight sta…
  • I can't think of Lorde without thinking about this.
  • I liked the MP in 3, it was essentially the Horde mode of Gears 4 minus building stuff, but with more loadout customization. I think I actually ended up putting more time into the MP than I did the SP.