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  • I'd really like to see Gunvalkyrie included, but seeing as it wasn't even supported on the 360, I'm not holding my breath. I still have a lot of my favorite OG Xbox games, but at this point, most of them have had remasters, are still playable on the…
  • @RumGeoff may have been a limited "early buyer" bonus of sorts. I just threw down a few pre-orders since they were all $49.98 though, even on some stuff I'm not really hyped about, I can always cancel things, but that's really not bad prices for new…
  • @Juxtapose said: For Mass Effect, it has Mass Effect fields to create Shields and you can add components/pieces to enhance it, upgrading your stats, speed, etc. So I'd say that fits as well. See, the main reason I don't consider the ME armo…
  • I don't know if I'd really consider OG Doomguy (I'd only really consider the armor of the new game to be power armor) or Freeman (wasn't his just environmental suit? It didn't really augment his abilities in any way, just an advanced hazmat suit rea…
  • @Law212 said: Anyone here interested in Destiny 2? I couldn't really get into the first game which I bought on the 360 for 10 bucks, but I might try destiny 2 since it will also be on PC. I was hyped for the first one till they actually show…
  • @wikkiwild1 I watched it too but I must have missed original Xbox games being added. That's cool, but I honestly can't get hyped about it, as some of my favorite OG Xbox games were somewhat niche and didn't even get B/C on the 360 I thought the MS…
  • I've looked into em a few times, but every time I have, they either have a bunch of stuff I have no interest in packed in, or it's mostly very cheap looking stuff. Sure they sometimes have some pretty cool looking individual items in em, but I could…
    in Loot Boxes Comment by Sintacs June 13
  • I think it's always looked pretty samey really. I can't really think of much that's stood out to me outside of the 40 Space Marine armor, but that's something that's been around longer than any of the video game stuff.
  • I got a huge Firefall vibe from it, which definitely isn't a bad thing. It's a shame Firefall was killed by it's dev. The storm they went into at the end of the video just screamed melding tornado, I'm pretty stoked.
  • I'd try a reaper, but I don't think I'd do it alone.
    in Hot Ones Comment by Sintacs June 8
  • I watched the Tom Arnold one you linked, when he got to the Blair's sauce (was actually hoping to see one of those in there, I was not disappointed) and a ton came out on the wing, oh man, I love the Blair's shit, and that's a funeral right there. Y…
    in Hot Ones Comment by Sintacs June 7
  • I just finished the first God of War today, and I can say that I didn't really enjoy it much. Maybe it hasn't aged well, but I almost constantly felt like I was fighting against the controls while playing. Gonna keep going to the end of the third ga…
  • @Juxtapose said: One of the big criticisms I've often seen is how he and Zod smash up the city at the end, and how "Superman doesn't do that, he'd have found another way." I feel like people who say that haven't rally seen or read much to do…
  • @Juxtapose I saw it last week and enjoyed it. I thought the story was kind of irrelevant though, like it mattered while you were watching it, but if it were a TV show, it would have just been a filler episode. I guess maybe I was hoping for somethin…
  • @Law212 said: Anyone like watching movies with the commentary track? I used to love that. I haven't done it in ages and I'm looking through newer movies and I cant find any with commentary tracks. Do they not do them anymore? I used to do it…
  • @Juxtapose said: I like how you have Injustice 2 with McChicken sauce. It's a good combo yo. @Juxtapose said: Is it the PlayStation 4 version? Yep. @Juxtapose said: I thought it was this week that it was coming out, so good o…
  • Got these on Friday:
  • I think it initially flopped, then they released a version that was updated or something in hopes of it doing better but it didn't. I played a bit of it way back and enjoyed what I played, should really go through and finish it.
  • I really don't even use my phone that much. I don't talk to people on the phone, and I rarely text. I don't really use any apps or play mobile games either, sometimes I'll google the odd thing while I'm out but that's it.
  • @Law212 That sucks, but upgrades are good. I've had the same phone for 4+ years now, went in today about an upgrade, they didn't have the phone I wanted, but they'll have it by the end of the week.
  • @Law212 I actually think Channing Tatum is perfect for the role of Gambit.
  • Posted the HotS night on the Steam group, I'll post the other night once it's decided on. I'm not sure if I'll be around for it, burned myself out on Diablo, and I'm not really into any of the other current Blizz stuff.
  • Yeah, I loved mine while I had it, think I had it plugged in for 2 years, unplugged it and that's when it stopped working. I'm just glad the current Xbone controllers have Bluetooth, just had to grab a $15 Bluetooth adapter to toss in a USB port and…
  • I haven't used one of those since the Windows Vista days, so I can't really comment on issues regarding them. Mine died before I got a PC with a new OS, and I've been using wired/Bluetooth controllers ever since anyway. As for clean installs and wh…
  • @Law212 said: Also while a program like geforece experience may auto DL drivers, sometimes you don't want it to. sometimes a new driver causes issues with certain games or 3d settings. so if you do a clean install you will need to rollback and…
  • @Law212 that's the one I was telling you about a few weeks back. I'm pretty stoked for it.
  • I don't think they ever explained it, but the writer or director or somebody said Magneto could have helped him get them back, but there's never been an official explanation AFAIK.
  • There's a drive-in here that I shit you not, had a tornado plow through the screen that was showing Twister back when that came out. I think it happened during the day when nobody was there, but it was the exact screen Twister was playing on.
  • I think I've fallen out of love with Star Wars at this point. I absolutely loved it growing up, but these days the only thing I can muster for it is "meh". I wasn't overly hyped for the Force Awakens, ended up seeing it I theatres because everybody …
  • @TimothyWedel I'm always around if you need to vent.