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  • @Doos same here, though it doesn't feel like it's been that long a wait, maybe because it's not super hyped like a lot of stuff is lately.
  • Looking forward to my CE. It seems they sold out pretty quick, I haven't really seen them available anywhere for the past several months. I'll be doing an unboxing of it on my YouTube channel.
  • Can't wait till I have the cash to pre-order my copy. Place I'll be ordering from usually ships early so I may have my copy before launch week
  • RISE FROM THE GRAVE THREAD! RISE! Just curious if anybody would have any interest in trying this one out. I know we have a lot of folks trying out HoTS, and the games do have their similarities, but this one if played in third person and plays a li…
    in SMITE Comment by Sintacs February 19
  • I seem to have a ton of shmups on my MAME, they're all pretty good though, not sure if you're into em but a few more suggestions: Giga Wing Gunbird (1 & 2) Metal Slug (any of em) Splatter House
  • DoDonPachi (if you're going to have any shmups, this is the one to have) Killer Instinct 1 & 2 (arcade versions are the best versions) Rampage World Tour Captain Commando I could probably list more but I'm not at my PC currently so I …
  • Haha, yeah. My buddy power levelled me from like P14-200 (he was around 234 when I was 14), I've done most of the rest myself, and have actually passed him by 60-70 levels lol. At this point though we're pretty much running all the same stuff, we've…
  • Managed to get up to Paragon 555 last night, also solo'd a level 55 greater rift (Torment 12). Also finally managed to get an ancient version of one of my swords, just gotta get or reforge an ancient version of the other one and I think I'll be good…
  • I'd been meaning to try it when it went free to play, but I don't think I even downloaded it. It just never seemed all that interesting to me, and with all the DLC at launch (things that should not have been DLC at launch), it just made me avoid it …
  • I'd be down for rolling HC.
  • I had the lava shits this morning (ate some suicide wings last night). Gave the GF a ketchup packet for VDay (we don't do valentines).
  • So what's the plan for this session? The game actually got it's hooks into me last week. Non-seasonal, I'm Paragon 500 now and running Torment XI Rifts/Greater Rifts. I ended up deleting my seasonal character since it's too far into the current seas…
  • I was gonna get one to load Kali onto, but I'll probably just get a proper laptop for that at some point. I do still want to get one, will likely just throw some emulators on it and hook it up to my TV. I thought about making a mini arcade cabinet o…
  • @EchoGolfSierra said: word up...just saw a review for the next PS4 will now be able to plug in externals into the USB three and play straight from external.....NICE!!! I'd still rather invest in a decent internal drive over an e…
  • @EchoGolfSierra there's plenty of places when you don't live in a retirement home
  • @Juxtapose said: If I simply create a Greater Rift on Torment IV and beat it, will it count/jump me up to the proper difficulty, do you know? If you can find somebody to run you through a higher one, it will unlock all the ones up to that on…
  • @Juxtapose I'd have to check again, but the last few times I patched it and booted it up it wasn't working.
  • @Juxtapose should really get on getting this, he's missing out on all the converations.
    in Discord Comment by Sintacs February 7
  • WC2 isn't supported on anymore, so a bit of work would be needed to get some games going, it's possible to do, just requires an extra file or two, and direct IP connections.
  • We were just playing Ladder, non-hardcore. I me and the Mrs. got to around lvl 12, I think @Juxtapose was around 15 or so.
  • WC3 always had a separate account, in D2 (and possibly stuff), WC3 folks show up as username@Azeroth. I think all the other classic stuff used to share the same account, but it seems that is no longer the case, as I did recently make a SC acco…
  • @TimothyWedel said: I'm starting to get a little discouraged about my job search. I have been looking for a solid 5 months now, sent out 100+ resumes and I haven't gotten so much as a single phone call. I know people that jump from jo…
  • @Law212 said: I got a great copy of Split today so I'm going to watch it ASAP since I nearly spoiled the movie for myself because of watching youtube reviews. Now I know one thing that's is VERY interesting, but wish I didn't know until I saw …
  • @Juxtapose said: That's good. Are you playing vanilla Diablo II or do you have the expansion installed as well? The core game only supports 640x480, but the expansion has 800x600, which should work fine with Windows 10. I can confirm I've …
  • @EchoGolfSierra I get that sometimes when I start it, restarting the game seemed to fix it. Did you patch your game? You could just play windowed. All you need to do is add -w into the target of one of your shortcuts for the game, so: "C:\Program F…
  • Nevermind my last post about the game room, didn't notice @Juxtapose posted info about the room already.
  • I have a game up now, the name is DoG, the password is passtheword
  • Everybody make sure that you have patched the game, many of the issues with it are fixed with the patch. Do not the game will no longer patch itself when you try to connect to, so you will need to manually download and install the patch f…
  • @Juxtapose it's because they want you to just buy their ringtones instead of using your own stuff. There's even issues there too because you're not able to download them again if you lose em, at that point you'd have to contact iTunes Store Support …