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  • the loot crates for Battlefront 2 have me questioning whether or not i will buy the game it was going to be an instant buy, but now it worries me how unbalanced the MP will be i'm hopeful that backlash will cause changes though i'd like to see th…
  • i'm sure it won't be noticeable
  • Fargo is always great. i can't believe they haven't renewed it yet for a fourth season
  • i got Final Fantasy XV when it was on sale and i've been really liking it so far the travel in the game is terrible and some areas feel empty despite the huge open world they created, but the combat and the gameplay are fun
  • UFC 214 is a pretty good card anyone else following the McGregor/Mayweather spectacle? it feels like an event that is worth checking out because it's such a rarity in the fight world to see something like this. i know it likely won't be much of a…
    in UFC Comment by IgnitionCORE July 27
  • Andromeda definitely fell short if you compare it to the other games in the Mass Effect series, but it wasn't that bad i have my share of complaints about it, but it still had some good combat and some fun missions
  • @Lactos said: Game of Thrones was pretty good but feels like it's starting to stagnate. I hope the wrap it up soon and go out on a high note. just seven episodes coming for season 7 and season 8 (which is confirmed to be the last) will hav…
  • expectations are strange that way i enjoyed Deadpool from start to finish and most of the X-Men movies are trash to me
  • i'm always open for change, especially playing on NG+6
  • @Smoreninja just wait until you have to fight Midir i had to respec and use a summon to kill that
  • i finished the second DLC recently and really enjoyed it such a good trailer for the complete edition and worth getting if you haven't played the DLCs and/or the game yet i hope they aren't done making Dark Souls for good and come back to the seri…
  • the season finale was predictable (the scavenger betrayal and zombie Sasha), but i still liked it TWD needs to shorten the amount of episodes that come out each season. i feel like we have to watch too much fluff before they get back to duplicatin…
  • TFA was great, Rogue One was great i'm excited for this movie as well Star Wars is awesome
  • @Sintacs bots are named "enemy 1" "enemy 2" and so on
  • i played Overwatch first, so i associate a lot of the characters with ones i'm used to in that game. however, i'm not interested in who copied who or anything like that it's not like the ideas are super original. archetypes that the characters re…
  • been playing some Paladins beta and i started the latest Dark Souls 3 DLC i didn't really like Paladins at first, but it's starting to grow on me. i've been experimenting with characters and i like Tyra so far the new map and character designs in…
  • @Smoreninja what about standard Krogan? i'm only partially kidding because i do like Drack game got off to a rocky start with me because of a visual glitch, but after that it's been smooth tons to do and i've been liking the mix of combat and expl…
  • enjoy some nice birthday cheesecake
  • i'm still getting it and i'm looking forward to playing. i don't put much stock in reviews anyway i know this game will be different than the other Mass Effect games, but it still looks good to me
  • @RumGeoff said: @IgnitionCORE said: i got the Drone skin. wish they had the Grenadier Elite I bought one pack with coins and got 4 skins and 1 emblem. I'll probably get another pack this weekend and see what I get. At the …
  • i got the Drone skin. wish they had the Grenadier Elite
  • Happy Birthday, Raj!! some of my favourite griefing moments have come playing Left 4 Dead i'll just mention a couple though this was patcheed but you could use the Smoker to drop people to their deaths and utilize the Tank, as well as other infec…
  • i still prefer cable tv over netflix @Ozzi i like filling my PVR with shows and i watch sports all the time, so netflix comes into play only when i'm interested in watching one of their exclusives or my PVR messes something up iZombie is pretty go…
  • finished Horizon: Zero Dawn and it was an excellent game the main story and the gameplay are great, but i didn't really enjoy the sidequests with the exception of a couple of them
  • i have always found horde in Gears incredibly boring, but i really enjoyed ME3 MP horde in Gears is way too long and it's a straight campfest, but in Mass Effect you are constantly moving around and setting each other up for combo kills
  • MP video. minor spoiler: it shows off a new enemy. looks like ME3 multiplayer (which is a good thing in my books) but you have jump packs and more movement options.
  • @ReclaimerM3GTR said: T-Minus 11 days Now do I play Fem Ryder or Bro Ryder real Mass Effect fans play both
  • Dr. Strange was pretty good i'm looking forward to seeing him again in the new Thor movie and Infinity War, but i hope they make more standalone films with him
  • @TimothyWedel said: @IgnitionCORE I dunno about it not being too difficult. I have played the first two Dark Souls aND Bloodborne and Nioh is kicking my butt. there are a couple of side missions in the last region of the game where you fight…
  • i finished Nioh. i highly recommend it to anyone not afraid of a challenging combat experience (for the most part it wasn't difficult at all, especially if you have experience with games from the Soulsborne series) i started Horizon: Zero Dawn and …