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  • in Diablo III Comment by Juxtapose March 21
  • For me I need to upgrade my video card to play it, which I won't be doing in the immediate future, so I'll likely bite down the road when it's already discounted.
  • @AnThMaN said: You mean with specific abilities tied to each hero/champion? Yeah, I believe he means like Overwatch.
  • @Sintacs So the knife is for when you get pissed at the game?
  • @Law212 said: I watched Logan last night. Wow. Great movie. They finally did a Wolverine movie properly and unfortunately it was the last one for Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman. It wasn't overly colourful with costumes and it didn't hav…
  • I see rocket jumping is back.
  • Hi all, A reminder about StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void tonight at 6:30 pm eastern. Hope to see you there!
  • Blizzard Entertainment has reactivated the "For Azeroth!" event, and it now runs until Sun. Mar. 26th. If anyone wants to play some matches towards this, I'd be down. @Smoreninja @TimothyWedel @VanishedNine
  • For those of you with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition, Seasons are now coming to your platform. Link.
    in Diablo III Comment by Juxtapose March 18
  • Just a reminder that Season 9 ends tonight at 8:00 pm Eastern, I believe. So any Seasonal characters you have will become regular characters now.
    in Diablo III Comment by Juxtapose March 17
  • Thanks to @Sintacs and @Law212 for the games last night; that was fun and I can't believe how fast the leveling went! I'll need to look at how to properly spec a Monk since I've never used that class before.
  • @TimothyWedel said: I really wanted to attend this one, been looking forward to it for weeks, but i've been pretty sick the past day or two. Sorry guys! Hope you feel better soon @TimothyWedel !
  • Hi all, A reminder about the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls night tonight. @Sintacs, is the game plan still to level Characters up to Level 70 for Regular Adventure Mode? Also a reminder about StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void this coming Sunday even…
  • I quite liked Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, which surprised me as I'm not a big shooter multiplayer guy. I played it a good bit with @Lactos, as I recall.
  • Hey all, A reminder about the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls night this coming Thurs. Mar. 16th at 8:30 pm eastern. Hope to see you there! @Sintacs @Smoreninja @TimothyWedel @Law212 @EchoGolfSierra Tag anyone I'm forgetting!
  • Yesterday I completed StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void on Brutal; some of those missions were pretty tough, but I earned all the Achievements for it. Started up "Nova - Covert Ops" on Brutal.
  • @Law212 said: ... I was 3 year old. I thought that was last week.
  • @AnThMaN said: @Sintacs thanks for you're thoughts on LoL. I just got into it and my friends are starting to get very ragey as well and yeah almost everygame theres someone raging i.e. "STOP FEEDING" and "STUPID [insert champion] JUST KILL URS…
  • @Sintacs said: Well we could do a power levelling session where I get everybody up to 70 on a non-seasonal so we can all run that stuff. The best way really is just doing a somewhat high Torment Rift or Greater Rift, the low level folks open e…
  • @Sintacs said: @Juxtapose I just posted all those on the Steam group calendar. We could also just post a link to a third party poll thing if there's no support for polls here. We should also probably find some structure for the Diablo 3 nigh…
  • Hey all, For the month of April, I'm going to jig this up a bit. Blizzard Entertainment has always been about their core franchises, Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft, so I'm going to focus on the current/modern versions of these games. The Classic…
  • Just completed Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Season 9, Chapter IV. So I've earned the Pandemonium Portrait, Rocky Pet, and for my Crusader the full Set of Thorns of the Invoker (I actually got one of the last two pieces off of Gambling weeks ago). I…
  • @Doos said: The practical effects in T2 still look awesome. The CGI looks pretty dated but definitely still works. I think the CGI has held up pretty well, honestly. It's not cutting edge, obviously, but still looks very, very good to me.
  • @Ozzi said: I have it on my counter at home still in the package..i really want to start it. Just trying to find the time. Fuck, adulting sucks sometimes lol. I find that since spare time is at a premium, you really need to be discr…
  • @Doos said: True Lies still holds up very well for being over 20 years old. The only scenes that look off are the same ones that looked off in '94. Bike jump off the building and some of the harrier stuff. James Cameron is the tits. I find h…
  • Probius looks hilarious. Worker Hero!
  • Season 9 will be ending on Mar. 17th, with Season 10 starting about two weeks later. Details in this post and the below video.
    in Diablo III Comment by Juxtapose March 4
  • Okay all, some good feedback here on Heroes of the Storm. @Smoreninja, I know you were looking to join, so are you still interested in the title? @TimothyWedel, how about yourself?
  • @Sintacs said: I think I'm done with HotS for a while, I haven't really enjoyed the game the last few times I was on, it just made me wish I was playing something else. I'll definitely be on for the Diablo III nights though, and will do my bes…