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  • Yesterday I completed the original Terran Campaign in StarCraft: Mass Recall. That was so much fun. I'm a few missions into the Zerg Campaign now.
  • Wow, that thing is filthy. You buy it from your flee market guy?
  • Did my yearly MRI yesterday to check on my intestines and see how my treatment is doing. I get the results on the 4th, so fingers crossed!
  • An interesting read about a cancelled Diablo III expansion.
    in Diablo III Comment by Juxtapose June 22
  • @Smoreninja said: I'm too lazy to look this up myself. What's in store for 2.6?
    in Diablo III Comment by Juxtapose June 22
  • @TimothyWedel said: Hurray for real jobs! /s I miss my boring cruddy gas station job. It's something everyone has to do at some point. If you stick with it, I honestly think this hardware store job, from what you described…
  • @TimothyWedel said: Yeah I'm going to get some new shoes this weekend. Yesterday the pain was so bad in my feet and back I kept almost falling over when bending down or picking crates up. Today the pain was legit 2x stronger. I work t…
  • @TimothyWedel said: It's mostly my feet and somewhat my back. I'm hoping new shoes can fix that. I almost gave up and quit last night it was so bad. I'm about to go out to work again and most of the pain from last night is still there. What'…
  • @Smoreninja said: Good shoes are stupidly important. Even if you don't have a job that keeps you on your feet. Insoles too.
  • @TimothyWedel said: I'm cool with it. They throw out huge content updates for free all the time and there is another coming with the necro. I think that justifies the price. That's cool, and to each their own. The content updates are someth…
    in Diablo III Comment by Juxtapose June 21
  • @Law212 said: I need to watch season 2 still, but I liked it more than the walking dead. I really like the characters ... except the main guys son. Interesting things happen with them both in Season 2 and 3.
  • The "Rise of the Necromancer" Pack will be released on Jun. 27th, and it'll cost $14.99 (US). That's just under $20.00 Canadian. The PC version is digital only, while on console there's digital and a retail bundle that'll be available. The Diablo…
    in Diablo III Comment by Juxtapose June 20
  • @TimothyWedel said: Work went pretty well today. I hurt, I'm thoroughly confused and want to die but it wasn't that bad. Thanks for the kind words everyone. That's good, though why do you hurt? From lifting stuff?
  • This is the last game @Law212 and I played on Sunday:
  • @Mecandes said: I just reinstalled Diablo III on Xbox One, and this "Seasons" thing is new to me... how does that work? And it seems like there's some way to get Pets? If a Pet is a Seasonal reward that Season, then yes, you can earn it by c…
    in Diablo III Comment by Juxtapose June 20
  • Here's three of the four matches @Law212 and I played yesterday. The fourth match I need to upload later tonight:
  • I didn't even know Value Village sold video games!
  • Cool. I'm now for whenever you guys are ready.
  • @Smoreninja said: I'm on my way home from visiting my Mom's place. I should be good to play until 6 (MT) then I need to make dinner. That's 8:00 pm eastern, if I'm not mistaken. Sound good. At about 4:00 your time I'll need to make my own d…
  • @TimothyWedel said: I'm probably going to have to bail so I can get ready for my first day of work. Sorry guys. No worries man; good luck tomorrow!
  • @Smoreninja @TimothyWedel I will be in for some games tomorrow, and I believe @Law212 will be as well. What time frame were you guys thinking?
  • @TimothyWedel said: I got the job. I'll be working in the hardware department starting Monday. Even though I already went through this just days ago and realized how dumb it was to worry I am scared and anxious as hell. Hurray for anx…
  • in Diablo III Comment by Juxtapose June 16
  • @Ozzi said: Im reviving this thread ive gotten a few recently.. this is my newest Who's the character?
  • @Law212 said: Torment 2? He has to be killed on torment 4 Oops, it was Diablo himself on Torment II.
    in Diablo III Comment by Juxtapose June 16
  • I didn't pay attention to it in the slightest, though I head the Spider-Man trailer for PlayStation 4 was great.
    in E3 Talk Comment by Juxtapose June 15
  • @Law212 said: well I can get him to around half health but then I get killed by his ground explosions . one hit will do me in. I'm only doing about 600,000 damage I don't remember how much damage I was doing, I think it was half of that thou…
    in Diablo III Comment by Juxtapose June 15
  • Good to her it went well, @TimothyWedel . And a hardware store would be a good, educational job for you. Much to learn about in there.
  • Good stuff, what kind of soup? Yeah, I expect to be in Waterloo on Sunday, but assuming I'm back at a decent time I'll be in.
  • @TimothyWedel said: I have my first job interview after looking for a job for nearly 9 months in a few hours. I'm nervous as all hell and couldn't sleep for more than an hour. You'll do just fine. Remember, it's simply a conversation, so go…