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  • no I picked it up from value village. The flea market guy doesn't sell non working stuff.
  • Also, if you haven't done any kind of manual labour , then some simple things can cause muscle pain. Reaching , bending over, and so on can also cause pain because you might not be used to stretching.
  • I need to watch season 2 still, but I liked it more than the walking dead. I really like the characters ... except the main guys son.
  • ya that's pretty pricey
    in Diablo III Comment by Law212 June 20
  • Overcoming alcohol but she never overcame her drug habit . It is too bad, but people make their own choices. She seems like a person who made a bunch of bad decisions and never could get out of the cycle.
  • @Juxtapose said: I didn't even know Value Village sold video games! They sell anything that gets donated. So people donate old games all the time. So call of duty 2 works since the cd key isn't tied to steam or anything like that. But mode…
  • So this weekend I spent some time going through value village stores in the area looking for some gaming goodies. Here Is what I found this time. A few sim games. The sims Deluxe edition, Sim city 4 and sim city 4 Rush Hour Expansion. Sim Ant …
  • I should be good to go
  • Yup, I was nervous starting my new job.... Its normal.
  • Yay, thanks to Juxt, I got this done.
    in Diablo III Comment by Law212 June 16
  • Torment 2? He has to be killed on torment 4
    in Diablo III Comment by Law212 June 15
  • Got the final achievement in Tekken 7. Not that it was too hard. Most were very easy to get. Win a ranked match, win a player match, play in a tournament.... The last and hardest one was beating akuma as Jin in the special story chapter. That was in…
  • well I can get him to around half health but then I get killed by his ground explosions . one hit will do me in. I'm only doing about 600,000 damage
    in Diablo III Comment by Law212 June 14
  • Hardware store would be awesome. Every job is an opportunity. Except my last landscaping job... fuck that place.
  • I just need one more achievement. Beating Belial.... Someone help!
    in Diablo III Comment by Law212 June 14
  • So Dawn of the PLanet of the Apes is out already? I didn't know it ever went to theatres yet..... Did it bomb? I hope not , the first two movies were really good....
  • I was thinking Saturday and or sunday night?
  • Its 10 minutes from my house. I'm home now! it feels great to get home while the sun is still out and I can still do things. Going to be starting a bit earlier tomorrow and leaving a little earlier. It was just training today and will be training a…
  • Landscaping can be OK. Though the last place I was at we started at 7 and id g et home at about 9 pm. every day. It wasn't worth it and it wasn't worthwhile for me.
  • Ya that's a bit much for a dog loot crate... sheesh. You can get cheap dog toys at the dollar store and decent treats at wallmart.
    in Loot Boxes Comment by Law212 June 12
  • One of the only games I thought looked good.
  • When I graduated from my program in April, I told myself . "Never landscaping again!" ... Then I had to get a job landscaping because I couldn't find anything else.... Tomorrow I start my job doing IT work for a Dental company. Pretty excited. I ho…
  • E3 MS press conference is on right now anyone else watching? Already a little cringy with that girl "playing" games and looking like shes having an orgasm.
  • Well, I'm not big on getting anything that has a subscription behind it. Though I don't think they lock you in and I think you can cancel any time. The reason I was thinking about them is just because I have been going through some of my stuff , m…
    in Loot Boxes Comment by Law212 June 11
  • Ill play 15 games to get those diablo 3 wings
  • I think turles in time was taken off XBLA....
  • I need to finish might be easier with someone else
    in Diablo III Comment by Law212 June 10
  • The sauce on the right is the one I bought today. Supposed to be really hot. The one on the left I buy from Sobeys. I never bought the extra hot before and I tried it yesterday and it was great. So I will see how the new one compares. Then there are…
  • I spent most of the day out. Its so nice today. I was out since 9 30 am. first I thought id get out and hunt down some garage sales. Hit a few but there was nothing good. I picked up 5 old xbox games for 5 bucks , and bought a nice aluminum bat off …