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  • @MSQGanner said: @Rajio said: @MSQGanner said: @Rajio said: Yar thanks gang. Sorry I've been buried in work and hadn't seen this until now. Admit it, you just didn't w…
  • Stressing over finishing all the upcoming projects and assignments for school, and wondering if anyone else is struggling as much... then getting to class to demo a program and realizing lots of people aren't done and are having issues still. Makes …
  • Yeah , once americans get into it against a brown person they go all crazy. You should see every time there is a live facebook feed of a trump speech lots of people start attacking muslims right away for no reason. Though some of his tweets definit…
  • the new patch looks great. Cant wait for season 10 to start.
    in Diablo III Comment by Law212 March 21
  • @TimothyWedel said: i cancelled my preorder a while ago. I heard from friends with review copies that it was a mess and I was really only on board with another ME game if it was unanimously great. I'm glad that people are having fun with …
  • Rogue One will be out on digital format this Friday and on physical media on April 4... I cant wait to watch this again. Apparently the original ending had Jyn and Casspian survive. I like the ending they went with though. Actually they said the o…
  • This video is pretty funny. I know the game is getting shit on a lot but still. its funny.
  • This video relates. I had a chat with someone a few weeks ago who complained about similar things in games like mass effect and dragon age. particularly having sexuality shoehorned into the games. That scene the video shows of dragon age 3 is very c…
  • From what I've seen it might be a wait until its 20 bucks game for me .
  • While each character has a passive and one active ability I think the focus is still on fast paced accurate shooting instead of gimmicks.
  • Yup it is. this game looks great. I signed up for the beta.
  • Hell yes! the return of the arena shooter.
  • I watched XXX the return of xander cage today.... wow that was a fun action movie. It did lots of things right and was fun all the way through. All characters were well used and there were lots of surprises.
  • I watched Logan last night. Wow. Great movie. They finally did a Wolverine movie properly and unfortunately it was the last one for Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman. It wasn't overly colourful with costumes and it didn't have tons of CGI. It wasn't…
  • Yeah, I was really surprised to get the supporter pack. I have been watching the tourney streams and they give packs away when you watch. I didn't expect id get one. They are 10 dollars a pack (well 12.50 Canadian) As for the locusts packs I open…
  • @RumGeoff said: @IgnitionCORE said: i got the Drone skin. wish they had the Grenadier Elite I bought one pack with coins and got 4 skins and 1 emblem. I'll probably get another pack this weekend and see what I get. At the …
  • So hyped right now. The pack opened on its own while I was playing.... I noticed I had the "!" on my character slot so I opened it to see which character I got... Black steel Marcus.... Pretty sweet, I really like marcus and the skin looks great. …
  • So I crafter a bunch of win as cards , and I noticed that the store label had an ! appear over it. I opened the store and saw that they put an esports supporter 3 pack in my inventory! pretty awesome. I never thought id win one from watching the esp…
  • ya that's a good idea. ive been doing those bounties in vs ai but I'm out. I could make some more with scrap I guess
  • Played some killer instinct. I recently got the Definitive edition... which still leaves out a character , Killgore, and a new character that is out in 4 days an I think one more those need to be bought individually still.... I also …
  • Syberia 2 is free on Origin right now.
    in Free Crap Comment by Law212 March 17
  • I find horde modes in games boring in general. Mass Effect was no exception. I hope they didn't waste too many resources on it and focused on the campaign.
  • @ReclaimerM3GTR said: @Law212 said: I didn't like MP in ME 3 and this looks like the same thing.... Why ruin co-op MP perfection? Literally nailed the way a game should do a horde mode. Killing things and adding random diff…
  • I didn't like MP in ME 3 and this looks like the same thing....
  • Origin has some really nice sales going on right now. You can get Battlefield one with Titanfall 2 for just over 60 bucks. Battlefront is like 10 bucks , and the season pass is 15. lots of other freaking fortunately mass effect DLC still…
    in SALES! Comment by Law212 March 13
  • I watched Bachelor Party today. Really funny movie. Tom Hanks was great. I've never seen it before today. Glad I watched it. The movie came out in 1984... I was 3 year old.
  • I wrote about passengers a few posts up.... I did not thing it was great.
  • I was going to watch it but it looks cheesy. I will watch it though. I ended up watching Saw 6 and 7 instead. 6 was really good and 7 less so.
  • True, but I start with a male character and pretend I'm him, then my second character is a female and I made nonsensical choices like a real female would.