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  • [ATTN] the future of DoG

    Alright I've confirmed with them, so I can let you all know;

    Front of house (moderation, community management, site growth, social nitty gritty etc) will be lead by @Juxtapose

    Back of house (server admin, managing/maintaining software, technical nitty gritty, etc) will be lead by @Law212

    I'll be available for any concerns anybody wants to take over their heads. Hopefully you all know how to reach me.

    There should be no major changes. the two core mandates of the site include;

    • Ad-free experience for anybody signed in
    • one core rule for members is; No jerks
    • How things are run are open for discussion (but not always decided by democracy)
    • the site remains community funded from annual donations (and not for profit)

    When I can, I'll begin the process of giving our front and back of house officers whatever credentials and access they need to manage their respective domains.

    Regarding that last point about funding, I'm also going to see if i can find a cheaper hosting solution for DoG. If anybody has any recommendations for inexpensive but reliable web hosting, now would be a good time to suggest. Domain is only like $20/year, hosting is the bulk of our expenses.

  • Funding

    Bam. we're past our 2017 goal so ill unsticky this now. for the record our 2018 goal now stands at $150

    Thanks! Another year of this community being self-sustaining.

    I want to do a bunch of changes this year. Unfortunately this site is blocked at work for me at the moment too - ive got to see if i can get it unflagged at one point but too busy right now.

    When i have it unblocked i'll be able to spend more time tinkering with the site and getting those improvements under way with all our community volunteers.

  • Pineapple on pizza

    @MSQGanner said:
    Cookies are dehydrated cake

    Cake and cookies are different. basically cake goes hard when its old. cookies go soft when they're old.

  • E3 2017 Throwing its Doors Open to the Public For the First Time

    the last few years they set aside a section for fans and major nelson did a meetup to give out passes for those fans, and those people got swag and stuff. i imagine they might do that again? but its still a bit of a gamble when you think of how many fans want in.

    not trying to be a downer. just dont want you spending a few grand on a trip without knowing what to expect. it can still be lots of fun, just know what aspects are a gamble.

  • E3 2017 Throwing its Doors Open to the Public For the First Time

    i assume each will reserve some spots for the public now, but even that will be tough to get in to.