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August 19, 1993
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  • Blizzard Entertainment Game Night

    I'd be game for Diablo, HotS or Overwatch if others are down.

  • How did it go?

    I'd say that 2017 was probably the most successful year of my life.

    The year started off rough with 6 months looking for a job. All through that time though I continued to work on myself and try my best to he a better person. I declined less invites to hang with friends, I made more of an effort to make plans with friends and I made new friends. I made an effort to be less negative in my day to day life. Less negativity towards myself and others. Even down to like ragging on a movie or game I thought was bad, I cut most of that out.

    I found a job in June that I really enjoy. It was rough at first, and still is a lot of the time (how is one supposed to know about plumbing, electrical, paint, heating, tools and shiz all without any training or schooling?). I really like my coworkers. There are a bunch of guys a little younger than me that are fun to work with and a couple of 60+ year olds that are a blast. They are all so encouraging and patient and that has helped me be more comfortable around them. Today I made the effort to say good morning/have a good night to everyone i worked with, especially those outside of my department that am still kind anxious around. I can't think of a single person of the 25-ish I work with on a weekly basis that isn't super rad. I have learned a lot at this job and hope I can stay for as long as I can.

    I am generally more happy, confident and outgoing than I have ever been. I talk regularly with my friends and my coworkers. I am proud of how much progress I was able to make this year. More risks, less hiding at home doing nothing.

    There have been a lot of downs as well. Family stuff has been going on for over a year that has made the year a lot harder than it had to be. It seems like every month something else comes up that adds to the stress the family is facing right now. A great friend of mine, the one that is responsible for me taking the first step to bettering myself a couple of years ago, has been really distant the past year and a bit. That's been rough but I understand why. She's doing the same thing, moving on and bettering herself and part of that was letting go of a lot of her past.

    All of that stuff would have been enough to set me back before but it doesn't anymore. It sucks but it is what it is. Life will go on.

    So yeah, 2017 was overall pretty great. I hope i can continue to make progress in the new year. Anxiety still gets the better of me most days. Certain social situations are still really tough. There are people at work I have worked with for 6 months that I really never talk to I hope i can talk to more.

    (Also I make a lot less of these kind of posts here now. I know that has been a blessing to a couple of you.)
  • Big game release weekend... who is buying what?

    I got Super Mario Odyssey, Destiny 2 on PC and Assassins Creed Origins through the E3 sale for about $39.99 each (69.99 for Mario). Sold Destiny 2 on PC since I have already put so much time into the PS4 version and am thinking about selling Assassins Creed as well. I don't have time for another huge game on top of Mario and regular League sessions with friends.

  • The big problem with AAA games today

    I buy digital valueless content (character skins, and sometimes even loot boxes) as a way to support the developer who made a game I enjoy.

    In Overwatch I had played over 40 hours within a month of release, and had already gotten the game for a cheaper than normal price so I decided to buy some loot boxes to throw some money their way. I didn't care what was in those boxes, if I got something I wanted that was just a bonus because I already had enough currency just buy playing to get anything I wanted anyways.

    And League of Legends. I have played over 1500 hours of that game. Every 100 hours or so I drop $25-50 to get a couple of character skins just to say "hey, thanks for continuing to support and grow the game I enjoy so much". Plus the skins look rad and add enjoyment to the game for me.
  • The big problem with AAA games today

    Destiny 2 is a great example of people overreacting about loot boxes.

    Everyone FREAKED out over the loot boxes in Destiny 2 when it came out before they even knew how it worked. Turns out you get a free loot box every level up after 20 (I have gotten over 15 of them free) and they don't even give anything good. Maybe a new ship look or a gun skin or some shaders. I have never used a single item i have gotten from my 15 boxes.