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  • What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    I'm so glad I was recording this game. Definitely one of my favorite moments playing games with the friends.

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    I want to spend more of my time learning and being at least a little productive instead of spending it all playing games and watching tv/movies.

    I picked up reading again and in the last couple of weeks I have read through a couple of novels. Not as much as I had hoped but still not bad for not having read a book in 7 years.

    I also decided that I want to start learning to play piano. I have loved piano and violin music forever and after falling off listening to it for a long time Your Lie in April kind of reignited my love for it a couple of years ago. I have been searching for a good keyboard to buy as a birthday present to myself so I can start learning. They are expensive but I plan on taking it seriously so I'm trying to find something thats not just a starter keyboard I'll outgrow.
  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    @VanishedNine sorry to hear about your mom. sending all my positivity your way.

    so i ended up not moving into the place. I tried really hard to make it work but the landlord was unwilling to do anything to clean the place up or fix any of the problems with it and still wanted almost $400 more in rent than the place was worth each month. It was just in such bad condition. Holes everywhere, water damage on most of the ceiling, walls that needed paint badly and a bad carpenter ant infestation.

    the day after me and my coworker went to check it out for the first time i texted him and told him that it was unacceptable how disgustingly dirty and broken it was in there. he texted me back saying dont worry he was going in that day to clean it. about an hour after i get to work i look out the window in the break room and see he is tehre with his family cleaning. they were there for about an hour before texting me and telling me it was clean and to go check it out again. checked it out and it was almost as bad as it was the day before.

    i sent him a text telling him it wasnt going to work out but thanks anyway. he texted me back saying no problem and that he had never met anyone in his life as picky as i was. its like...dude...that place violates rental code and is probably a health hazard.

    luckily through the whole thing i had coworkers helping me out figuring stuff out and now i have like 10 that are actively helping me look for another place to rent. i guess they like having me around haha. it's nice to have a group of people around who support you like they have the past couple of weeks.

    the rental hunt resumes!

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Yeah they will be out this week. Parents won't be gone for anywhere from a month to 4 months from now. It's all good.
  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Looks like I snagged the rental. I was supposed to be moving in tomorrow but the last renters decided not to move out when they were supposed to so I guess not.