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  • The big problem with AAA games today

    I only buy games that I know I'll enjoy. I use to buy what ever look good, fell into all the hype.
    CoD is one of these games. But I do enjoy the single player game, don't care for the multiplayer. Same crap different pile as far as MP gaming goes.

  • What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    Completed collecting all intel for CoD BO3 and Advanced Warfare. Continued Skryrim SE, found several of the mods I had installed gone so it was weird when it loaded. Just some texture mods. Couldn't find them in the in game mod store or on Nexus. I guess they were removed for some reason. Heard Skyrim now has Multiplayer. I guess this is through a mod. I haven't looked into it yet.
    Looking forward to CoD WW2 next week.

  • Random Beef! *Insert Rant Here*

    @Juxtapose said:
    So I'm a bit miffed right now.

    Went to the A&W at Queen and Spadina 'cause I wanted a good comfort food burger.

    I ordered a Mama Burger Combo with fries and a bottle of water. Total came to $9.2x.

    As someone who goes to A&W almost weekly, that's about $3.00 too much, and the price breakdown shows she was adding all items in individually; no combo.

    I asked about that, and she said only with a coupon and where's my coupon?

    So I bluntly said you don't do combos? Only with a coupon, apparently.

    So I left, without getting my burger craving satisfied as I canceled my order. Told them I'd go to a normal A&W that actually does proper combos.

    Still cheesed me off though. Should have cost $6.22.

    I had a somewhat similar experience but at McDonald's. I got a $25 gift certificate from our work Christmas party.
    Well a few days later I went to get a burger. I got a Angus Bacon & Cheddar combo ($9.75) with no issues. This gives me a balance of $15.25.
    A week later I went again but this time my balance was $0. I asked to speak with the manager and she couldn't explain it. She said I must have used it up. I had not. I walked out rather pissed off.
    I came home and sent an email to McDonald's explaining what happened. No response to date.

  • i5 vs i7, nVidia GeForce GTX 960 vs 1060

    I guess it would depend on what he's using it for. To be honest if he is using it for gaming then go witht i7 and 1060. But before the 5 years is up, he'll have to upgrade again. At least if he is keeping up with latest games.

  • We need a revolution! Rise with me my brothers!

    I use to have a 15 min edit window, but not anymore. I must be a noob.