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  • The Tattoo Thread

    @Juxtapose you betcha, the sleeve is going to be all Legend of Zelda themed.
  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Its been a while since I've been around. Life has been busy.

    Work, school, and dad life. Pretty well sums up my time.

    Work has been going well, we have increased business, and in turn have generated additional sakes. which is nice. I'm able to give my guys extra hours, but I'm working more. So the family time has been cut.

    I had to head into the ER on Friday night due to my foot, its been acting up. It started to hurt so much that I was visibly limping. My wife forced me to go lol. It turns out my original surgeon had mis informed me on my break. I have a Jones fracture, which is at the base of my joint. That's why it hasn't healed. I've needed surgery since day one, but this guy has been dicking me around assuring me I don't, nor it won't be hard to heal. Its the opposite. This is a pain in the ass fracture to heal without surgery, and most of the time if it does heal it comes with complications. Long story short the ER doctor recommended a second opinion, so I go get another x-ray next week, and will see a different doctor.

    School has been going. Its hard finding a work, life, school balance. I've been working at trying to set a day aside for just school related work, but that has been far from the case.

    I hope everyone else is doing well!
  • Money Stuff - How To: Get in the Stock Market

    I haven't done stocks, as of yet. It's something i'm eying up. Those tech startups are where to invest though. My brother however invested a bunch into the pot stocks, and so far has made a bunch off of that, even my cousin invested in those, and he hasn't worked for a year, cause his stocks are paying for his rent, food, extracurriculars.

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Thanks all!! @Juxtapose It wasn't a huge ceremony. Originally it was going to be just parents, and grandparents. But it grew to cousins, aunts/uncles, etc. All and all we had about 45 people attend.

  • Physical versus Digital Media

    In terms of games. PC is always digital. I love the ease of steam. But Consoles are all physical. I don't usually sell my games, so i've thought about going digital. I still like the idea of selling my shit after i'm done with it. Like right now i'm tossing up the idea of selling my PS4, and all of the games. Cause i don't play that bastard anymore.

    Movies are all digital. I just watch everything on Netflix, or my Box. Having bookshelves of movies takes up a lot of space, and i just can't do it anymore. I'm considering getting rid of all of my movies, and tv series except for a select few cause they're sitting in plastic totes in my basement.

    Music is all digital as well. Google Play Music is my best friend. I bought a subscription years ago when they first came to Canada cheap, and i still have that cheap sub.

    I used to be all physical even in the digital age, but i got sick of having to try to either sell, or find space for the accumulation of movies, music etc. The convenience of Movie, and Music streaming has got me.

    Even now with Xbox game pass i might even consider stop purchasing games.