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  • What Did You Buy Recently?

    Last year I had bought a house. It was a contractor special, so over the last year, and a half we have been doing a ton of work to it.

    I renovated the back addition, and the upstairs (I just need to put a new floor down upstairs when I have two or three days off, which is on my agenda over the next few months.) The backyard has been landscaped, and next season I'll be pouring a concrete walkway, and a hotub pad with some anchors for a new deck.

    Anyways, yesterday I had hired a company to put some spray foam in the attic, there was absolutely no insulation up there before, just the rafters. All I can say is WOW huge difference. I got home today, 30+ degrees outside, and the house is sitting at 22 without the AC on.

    Gotta love adulting, but shit I was talking to a realtor friend, and he said my house has doubled in value, (without the Reno's) he said with the Reno's I've done already, he said to add an extra 75-100k on the figure he gave me.

    Our plan was to flip the house, but we're leaning to keep it, put 50-75k into it to bring it up to firecode, and bam we have a legal duplex which will net us close to 3k month

  • Money Stuff - How To: Get in the Stock Market

    I haven't done stocks, as of yet. It's something i'm eying up. Those tech startups are where to invest though. My brother however invested a bunch into the pot stocks, and so far has made a bunch off of that, even my cousin invested in those, and he hasn't worked for a year, cause his stocks are paying for his rent, food, extracurriculars.

  • What Did You Buy Recently?

    Work is paying for majority of the cost of it for me, once spring comes it's going into my "Man Cave" AKA my Shed. I'm rebuilding my shed, going full insulation, power, and heating it. I'll probably get a bike for the shed, and some free weights. Going to be easier to get some workouts in with the kiddo.

  • [ATTN] the future of DoG

    Hey all! If you guys need any assistance let me know. I can usually find some time. I've been lurking quite a bit recently, but i'm open to share some ideas to get the site promoted up. Work has a lot of like minded people that i think would be a great fit, after all one of our rules at work is "Don't be an asshole". In terms of sustaining the site financially i have no issues with paying for stuff, (web hosting, coders to do stuff to the site, you name it) :)

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Last week has been busy AF. After being engaged for over two years the Mrs. is now officially the Mrs. We got married last weekend :smiley: