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  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    Well, we could strike but it would be illegal. Then union bosses have to go to jail and it gets weird.

    The membership (not me! I voted no!) voted in this contract and one of the stipulations was our first year raise was To Be Decided. I was against that, others were not. So they had to bring in an Arbitrator. The arbitrator looks at demands on both sides from the company and the union and picks what he decides is fair.

    The company pushes for things like that every contract. It will have been 2 years since that contract started negotiations. We have one year left on this current contract and the whole thing starts all over again.

    Hopefully more of the membership will vote 'No' this time around when they use loose wording or 'TBD' in regards to any of our demands and we can go on strike.

    I think a strike will do us good. But I'm also a little savey saverson so I can afford to go on the picket line for a few weeks while the company squirms. They usually lose about 50 mil a week when we walk and that's not nothing. Shareholders don't like strikes so their stock usually loses value.

    Gives us a bit of the power back and with Trudeau in office he says he won't force Back to Work legislation on Unions so we'd be much better off than under Harper, who forced us back to work twice under his regime.


  • Avengers Infinity War SPOILERS... Please do not read unless you have seen this movie.

    I'm not sure I've ever seen you have such vitriol for a character, Jux.

    I dug this one the most, I think? I'm currently re-watching all the Marvel flicks (That I feel like watching.. I'm going to skip a few) and I might throw the old Raimi spideys in along the way.. and maybe the other ones.

    I mean, back in the dizzle when Raimi's were the only ones they were the best. Well, I never cared for 2 as much and 3 had a variety of issues, that I recall. I dunno.. I'll rewatch some shit and get back to everyone which Spidey I prefer.

  • Random Beef! *Insert Rant Here*

    Animals don't have socialized health care.

    Pet insurance is something look into if you want to avoid the massive cost in the future. As always, insurance is you gambling that one day, your contributions will be outweighed or equaled by your use of the insurance, plus peace of mind knowing (mostly knowing, insurance companies will do what they can to not pay you) that if something happens you're not footing a large bill when you need something.

    Sorry to hear about your doggy.

    Shit like that makes you appreciate Canada's Health Care for people. Wait times are up, but you're not bankrupt for surgery.

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Just like Law predicted!

  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    Well here's a thing.. if she told you about it, it means they probably weren't being shitty about you. Just talking about you in general.

    Otherwise she wouldn't mention it.

    Work is boring.. we talk about people all the time at mine. It's all there is to do. We start rumors all the time too. Awful ones. It's hilarious.