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October 24, 1980
  • Cami and Free trade

    It's Skynet or Mad Max. Pick your poison!

  • Cami and Free trade

    Well, the writing is on the wall, isn't it? All manufacturing will move to where it's cheapest to produce. That area will enjoy what North America has for the last 100 years and those people will prosper until they start making too much and then the manufacturing will move again. Repeat until it's all robots all the time or we're killing each other for clean drinking water.

  • When is Voyeurism not Voyeurism

    I agree with the case with the London teacher. I'm not sure what all else is being talked about here. I haven't seen anything about cameras in change rooms and what not. Is there an article to link?

    As for the teacher. He was fired from his job for filming teen girls chests with a pen camera. Like, cleavage or tight sweaters. What basically anyone could see with their eyes, he captured on a camera. They couldn't prove he was trying to sell them or distribute or anything so he's being pervy and that's not really a crime.

    A fireable offense? Absolutely. But should he be doing jail time or convicted of child pornography?

    I dunno man.. that's a real fine line. Weird situation. Makes me feel weird.

  • Physical versus Digital Media

    I don't play on PC. So Steam sales don't do anything for me unless it's like an old school humble bundle.

    Resale on videogames is huge. I sell them on Kijiji and if you play through them in a week or two you easily recoup 75-80% of the cost. That doesn't include trading with friends either, which my group does. All buy a game, swap through them, sell, buy more games.

    I watch everything on my laptop as far as movies are concerned.

    Sound, visual quality, none of this means anything to me outside of video games. A movie is a story to me and nothing more. Unless something like Mad Max is happening, it's usually not worth the hassle.

    I care about sound in music, which is where, if able, I will buy direct from the band, digitally and get FLAC files. Listen on headphones and love it.

    I mean, if I really wanted to get wacky I'd buy a turntable and some bad ass senns, get that rich fullness but I trade ease of use over quality.. obviously.

  • Physical versus Digital Media

    I buy all video games (Unless I can't find them physical, Like Wolfenstein) physical because they have resale value.

    I do everything else digital. Movies, music, TV shows.

    When I see you guys post in the 'What Did you Buy Recently' thread with all your statues and collectors boxes and stuff I physically cringe. Not that I'm judging ya'll.. I just hate all that shit. I hate it so much that even when I bought 10 BluRays for $5 it was totally not worth it even at .50 a pop.

    When I want to watch something I want to point at it and click. I don't want an FBI warning, a menu, a trailer, anything. I want the movie I want to watch and I want it now. Right. Fucking. Now. Forget unwrapping that thing and putting it in the machine. I clicked a button. Entertain me.

    I'd go digital with games but the industry decided to be a bunch of 'charge full price' cunts about it so they can suck it. I'm not paying full price until I can trade that shit away afterwards.