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  • Physical versus Digital Media

    @Juxtapose said:
    @Sintacs How does GoG allow you to make back ups? You mean an online or offline back up?

    Their games are all DRM-free. You can download the game you buy, and depending on the size, it will typically be either a single .exe installer (ex. "install_game.exe" 520MB), or a .exe file plus one+ .bin files (ex. "install_game.exe" 1MB, "install_game.bin" 3GB). To install a game from those, you simply run the .exe file and you're good to play after, no need to be connected to any online services, no nee for any CD keys etc. You can back up your games by downloading the installers for them and tossing them on whatever you feel you'd want to for back-up purposes, burn em to discs, USB drives, cloud storage, etc. I haven't actually bothered with any back-ups of my GoG stuff yet, but I likely will with a USB drive in the next few months. GoG also has a client now similar to Steam, so you can use it to keep the newer releases features in their store up-to-date, and games installed via that client do not require it to be running to be played. The level of trust and the convenience born of it that GoG offers their customers is pretty great.

    @Doos said:
    I didn't even know you could buy physical games for PC's. Like, if you go buy a modern PC and piece it together, who includes a disc drive?

    I have two friends that just built monster PC's for their HTC Vive's and neither included a disc drive of any kind.

    It comes down to personal preference really, and whether or not you'll actually use it. My next PC will probably be disc drive-less, but I may consider getting an external USB drive, as I do still rip CD's, DVD's, and Bluray's occasionally, and have a few disc-based games that aren't available digitally (though I've ripped ISO's from most of them).

  • The PC building thread

    I'd say 16GB is pretty much the standard now, especially now that a low of modern games are requiring you have 8GB. Going from 8-16GB, you'd definitely notice a difference, going 16-32GB, you'd likely notice nothing as 32GB is still kind of overkill. Once game requirements start creeping closer to 16GB you'll notice 32GB helps, but that likely won't be for a while.

  • The big problem with AAA games today

    He said it copied Overwatch, then later said it copied a free to play game. I really hope he criticized Overwatch for it as that was a $40 game, $60 on consoles. Loot boxes have absolutely no place in paid games though. I'll tolerate em in F2P games, but not paid games.

  • I tip my hat to EB games

    @Juxtapose said:
    That was a strong part of the motivation behind things like DLC unlocked via a code in the box; like the Catwoman stuff in Batman: Arkham City, it was a way for publishers to encourage consumers to buy new.

    Not only that, but also so they're able to still make a profit off of people buying used who now need to pay for such codes.

    @Juxtapose said:
    I believe the reason Microsoft and Sony have really pushed their digital sales with this generation are partly due to similar reasons.

    I'd have loved to see MS stick with their "DRM" thing everybody lost their shit over when they announced the Xbone. It would have mean't no disc swapping, even if you owned all physical, you'd install then shelve your discs. They never really got to elaborate much on how used sales would work, people just immediately exploded. I feel like it would have been a similar system to the "online pass" sort of thing some games were doing for a while, except its a code to play the game in general, if you buy used, you'd have to buy a pass to play. It definitely would have hurt places like EB/Gamestop as they would have to reduce used prices by the cost of the passes to keep people interested in buying used, which means they would lose out on profits. There was also talk of being able to "resell" digital games, getting a portion of the games price back, something you still can't do. It would have been hugely beneficial to gamers on the whole, and the small minority that don't have steady access to internet really aren't any better off this gen as a ton of games require additional files (20GB+ in some cases) to be downloaded before you can play your games, even with disc copies. I feel like I'd still have some respect for the Xbox brand had they stuck with that, as I feel it would have been a pretty big influence on their competition as well, and we could be seeing a new era of freedom (despite the DRM) with digital games etc.

  • I tip my hat to EB games

    When it comes to "new" for something I'm buying, it's not quite the definition "new". What I'm after is factory sealed, and that tend to be labelled as "new" at places like EB and Gamestop, it's not my terminology and slight misuse of the word "new", it's theirs. Many retailers do the same, they're the ones slapping the "new" label on things just to lean towards "factory sealed" or "not previously owned".

    @EchoGolfSierra said:
    I have heard the same...possibly from some of the same people

    Again, I haven't just heard it, I've had friends who've worked there that do it. One buddy didn't buy new releases since he could just borrow the gutted copies from the store and play them during their release popularity period, then he'd pick it up again a year or so later for $20 or whatever it's dropped to if he really wanted it.

    Gutted games being taken home and used definitely happens, and they still sell those as "new". EB/Gamestop is the only retailer I have issue with though, I've never had bad customer service there outside of that one person who thought shrink wrapping a gutted game would be acceptable, I just don't like the way they run their stores. As a result, I do my best to avoid buying games from them, I'll buy from Amazon (often cheaper here anyway) or Video Games Plus (I usually get games from them a day to a week early), I'll only ever buy accessories or other merchandise from EB/Gamestop, and even then, those things can often be found cheaper elsewhere.

    I did tend to buy games from them more when they were like the only place with pre-order bonuses, but that's not the case anymore. The only time I buy games from them anymore is if it's something I REALLY want to have on launch day, and none of the other retailers I buy from are selling the game, or will get it out to me by release day.

    They're probably alright if you're buying used and don't really care about that sort of thing, but I don't buy current gen games used, and the games I would buy used (Genesis, Dreamcast, obscure OG Xbox titles) are never sold there.