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  • What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    @TimothyWedel Hyrule Warriors is good, but it's just a Warriors game with a Zelda skin slapped on it, so if you've enjoyed Warriors stuff, you'll enjoy HW. With that said, there's a ton of stuff in it, the main story (Legends) mode is just scratching the surface of it, as the Adventure Mode is probably something I'll never finish, there's just too much there. I don't regret buying it twice though (Wii U and Switch), definitely a lot of fun to be had.

  • Video Editing for beginners??

    Windows Movie Maker was actually pretty decent but I think they discontinued it. Last I heard they planned on rolling out something new last fall, but I haven't looked into that at all.

  • Blizzard Entertainment Game Night

    @Juxtapose I wanted an MMO fix and it runs the best on my Surface of the ones I've played, plus I had a buddy who wanted to get back into it. May drop it again once I get a new desktop PC. They've actually improved a lot of things about it since I last played, but there's still so many things that feel super dated. One thing I'm still not fond of is how huge a lot of zones are, like needlessly big, nothing really filling them, so they just come off as barren and tedious to traverse. The Legion zones have been pretty nice though, lots of props/decorations scattered about and a decent sprinkling of enemies, but they're still beg enough that traversing them feels tedious. I've mostly been sticking to queueing for instances to level to avoid that stuff.

  • The big problem with AAA games today

    @Doos I'd generally consider a "AAA" game as a game that was made by a well known (whether or not their reputation is good) or leading developer with a top tier budget. To me, "AAA" gaming isn't a quality thing, its a money and recognition thing. Plenty of "AAA" games have been complete garbage. While I do consider it a buzzword, it does have some meaning IMO, though that meaning doesn't necessarily have an impact on the games considered "AAA". It's kind of like calling the big movies from big studios "blockbusters", more a hype and budget related thing, and less about quality really.

    Now, with that said, I've never cared is a game is considered to be "AAA" or not, I play what interests me, skip what doesn't, and generally try to stay away from hype trains. I find that by doing this, I'm fairly rarely disappointed with games.

  • Physical versus Digital Media

    So I was in EB this week to get the GF a copy of Pokémon Y and all they had was a gutted copy. The box case they went and got for it was in terrible shape, all scratched and scraped up, and very dirty. They still wanted the "new" price for it. As a collector, I not only take good care of my game discs/carts, but I take good care of my cases too, even though this wasn't for me, if it were, I'd be embarrassed to have that on my shelf. I left and got it at Walmart for the same price and factory sealed. I don't know why EB doesn't just print off the cover art to use for display purposes. Hell, they could just get some empty cases in and print the cover art and toss it in those to put on shelves, that way they don't need to gut things, and they can swap the cover art to something else when they cycle out the stock.