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    I don't think they ever explained it, but the writer or director or somebody said Magneto could have helped him get them back, but there's never been an official explanation AFAIK.

  • World of Warcraft

    @Law212 I definitely need to play more of that one, grabbed it years ago but only really played it for a week then forgot I even had it.

    @Juxtapose said:
    Dungeons are available to me now, but I haven't tried them yet. They're the ones where you do need to join a group of people to successfully play them?


    @Juxtapose said:
    I've only played solo thus far, and accidentally wandered into what I believe to be a Dungeon area. Got killed very quickly.

    That's why you generally need a group, there's typically lot's of elites in dungeons.

  • Mass Effect Andromeda

    So far I'll say a lot of the faces are terrible, not necessarily the facial animations as many have been complaining about, but the faces in general are just very bad. I've also had some pretty low FPS drops at a few points on my standard PS4 which kind of makes me sad considering I can't remember encountering any in Horizon Zero Dawn, though I suppose that was exclusive and this is not. Despite all that, I've been enjoying it so far.

  • Blizzard Entertainment Game Night

    Well we could do a power levelling session where I get everybody up to 70 on a non-seasonal so we can all run that stuff. The best way really is just doing a somewhat high Torment Rift or Greater Rift, the low level folks open em and go in, I kill stuff, they fly through levels. The only thing with that is when you enter a level in a rift, all the monsters will be the level of the player that opened the rift, so you do eventually hit an exp wall, but you can fix that by finding the next level quick, and getting more monsters that are at a level that will give experience again. If folks have any Flawless Royal Rubies to toss in a socketed helmet, that helps too, especially if that helmet is a Leoric's Crown, or if you have the passive from that cubed to use. I feel like I could probably run a group to lvl70 in 30 min or so. I've also been working on getting a Staff of Herding crafted, so we can run Whimsyshire once I have that, also save any Bovine Bardiches and Puzzle Rings you find, as you can open a portal to the cow level or the vault with those. At least if we all have a lvl 70 non-seasonal at least that means we will have something uniform we can all hop on, though I will be playing seasonal when the new season starts, so that's something we can do at that point as well, if I manage to get ahead in that I can help folks catch up there too.

  • Blizzard Entertainment Game Night

    So what's the plan for this session? The game actually got it's hooks into me last week. Non-seasonal, I'm Paragon 500 now and running Torment XI Rifts/Greater Rifts. I ended up deleting my seasonal character since it's too far into the current season for me to want to bother with that, I'll probably play one next season though.

    We could potentially do a non-seasonal power levelling session if people have characters they want to get to 70, and possibly do some Rift farming if anybody has interest in doing that. My current mission is to get a Star of Azkaranth, though being the rarest item in the game, who knows if I'll ever even see one. I did get an ancient version of it's little sister, Countess Julia's Cameo, early yesterday. You know those lasers of death that arcane enchanted elites have? They heal me now.