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  • Diablo III

    @EchoGolfSierra there's plenty of places when you don't live in a retirement home ;)

  • Blizzard Entertainment Game Night

    Oh my bad, didn't notice we were on page 4 when I clicked into the thread :/ and having no edit I can't fix my last post. Gimme some reaction stuff to this post or the last one guys, I'm 3 points away from an edit button, and would really like to have it back.

  • Blizzard Entertainment Game Night

    So are we rolling hardcore or normal? I'd be leaning more towards hardcore myself.

  • Blizzard's Overwatch

    @Rajio said:
    not like allies ever really listened to me anyway when i suggest a course of action

    Well, I mean they did, they just reported you for it probably ;)

  • The PC building thread

    @Rajio said:
    oh, your mouse doesnt do a quintillion DPS? its trash!

    It's funny because it can actually be the opposite. If your DPI is too high it can lead to less accuracy and some other issues in responsiveness. The good thing is most gaming mice let you choose what you want to use. Honestly, I look more at comfort factor and functionality + button placement on my mice. Can I remap the buttons to other things or set macros? Yes? That's a plus. Are the buttons placed where they're convenient, and not just where they look cool? Yes? Another plus. If the mouse shaped and contoured in a way that feels nice to hold for long gaming sessions? You get where I'm going. DPI is generally the last thing I'll look at. I also like to think about how a mouse will fare outside of gaming, like general use, web browsing and whatnot. The free-scrolling toggle most Logitech mice have now is really amazing for non-gaming stuff, I had it on one of my previous mice and absolutely loved it, went to a Roccat mouse that had a fairly stiff wheel (was good to prevent accidental scrolling, or scrolling to far in games, but was a terrible wheel for general use), and I missed the Logitech wheel the entire time. Now that I'm back with Logitech again, I probably won't be leaving unless they decide to stop making mice with this option.

    The love of overkill is something I've always found really funny among the PC mustard race folks, as there's no reason for it outside of bragging rights among the others who go overkill, and looking down on anybody with a more reasonably priced setup. I've actually known a few people who go full overkill then play nothing but League of Legends. Why even bother if you're not gonna use it? HEY GUYS I CAN PLAY LOL AT 4K WITH 200FPS, YALL ARE PEASANTS.