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  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    having two ruptured discs in my back with nerve impingement I feel for ya Sir. If they are ruptured discs (only an MRI can tell for sure) they will probably never heal eh.

    I have suffered from this for 20 years....slowly modifying what I do and how I do it based on pain. Sadly the pain returns after the change eventually, and after 20 years I have run out of things to change. I finally said screw it and requested a pain referral. Opioids solve anything but are incredibly I tried cannabis 3 grams a day taken orally and it really made a difference. The CBD strain has effective pain modification without the stoned sensation. The THB strain removes pain completely for about 10-12 hrs but you are feeling pretty stoned about the 5 hr mark. There are different THB strains....some dont make you as stupid ( I get stupid when I am stoned) ....

    I would seriously give cannabis a shot, I am about 1 month in and I now sleep 8 hrs pain free each night where I use to get 2-4 hrs sleep a night max.

    now it isnt cheap....(but then neither is opioids) unless you have good benefits.

  • !Movies! - Old - New - !Movies!

    it is also how they keep endings secret....Lucus arts have been doing it for years.... James Earl Jones the iconic actor that said " no I am your father" didnt even know that was going to be in the movie because they had him do so many takes with other lines. The one Jones thought was true was.... "No Obiwan IS your father"

  • Pineapple on pizza

    Reclaimer is right...Pizza originated in North America ...prepared by Greeks.

    And go a step further...the man who is recognized to have first put pineapple on a pizza and create the traditional Hawaiian a Canadian out of Chatham Ontario.

    and yes like all great Italian restauranteurs...he is greek.

    So yes to Pizza being NA in origin...yes to Pineapple on Pizza....

    and No it still isnt a pie!

    Drops Mic......

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Congrats Ozzi...big year for and a house...did you mention a baby on the way too???

    When it comes time to do the your research. If done right they are an incredible addition to your living space....if done poorly...they are a nightmare that will haunt you for years.

    I think you getting the place over the property manager is a good sign. Typically means the past owner had a good relationship with the neighbors....great neighbors and developing good relations with less than ideal neighbors is a real skill...and something you always want to work hard at.

    Sometimes it is a simple things that make the difference.

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    A couple things from a wise old fuck...check your realtor and your inspectors creds...make sure your realtor is just out for a quick sale but wants the best house for you at the best price.
    Be patient....I know it is hard....the wife and I looked for 13 months...everyweekend 5-6 open houses a day sat and sunday. But when we finally walked into the perfect house for us....let me tell you we knew it! Dont get frustrated and settle.....we almost did and I am so glad we got out of that deal!

    Your first house is the biggest purchase of your life and will yeild you the largest return on your investment usually.... be 100% sure it is the right one

    good Luck