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  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    A couple things from a wise old fuck...check your realtor and your inspectors creds...make sure your realtor is just out for a quick sale but wants the best house for you at the best price.
    Be patient....I know it is hard....the wife and I looked for 13 months...everyweekend 5-6 open houses a day sat and sunday. But when we finally walked into the perfect house for us....let me tell you we knew it! Dont get frustrated and settle.....we almost did and I am so glad we got out of that deal!

    Your first house is the biggest purchase of your life and will yeild you the largest return on your investment usually.... be 100% sure it is the right one

    good Luck

  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    One real truth I have discovered about job is always easier to get a job when you have a job. Your friends that job hop are a perfect example of that.

    There have been different periods of my life where I have chosen not to work. To take a break from the daily grind and just live off my military pension. Eventually I always get bored and when decide to look for work again it is always harder to find a job then when I have been working somewhere and decided to just make a change.

    Many companies think there must be something wrong with you if you arent working. That is why I typically wait until something really excites me to get back out there.

  • Blizzard Entertainment Game Night

    @Law212 said:
    Lol echo got in trouble by a 14 year old online

    Ya I didnt lose much sleep over me. But seriously no one wants to be the weak link in a game. The strategy I read for my dude basically said to farm kills in the lane until you hit lvl 10. Ya boring but it kind of made sense. I am range support. But if that is old strategy I am all for learning new strategy... :)

    to be honest I hand't played Hots since Christmas and I think those were my first quick ever... Perhaps my strategy is great against AI only opposition.
    But that is exactly why I am excited about Discord. I can follow instructions like a soldier ( mostly cause I was one) but I am old with bad eyes....and reading text and understanding maps takes a while. Literally the first couple times they spawned I didnt have a clue how to get in the mines. Ta I know....what a noob!

    So ya no big deal...if my dog hadnt started whining to go out....I would have played for a while more. But I guess things mostly broke down when I left

  • Are we seeing another collapse of the games industry?

    I dont want to paraphrase anyone...but what I think Mecandes was saying is the collapse was an Atari only collapse and was limited to North America.

    Whereas my point is in 82-83 Atari was the video game industry since it's revenue made up 80% of the global gaming revenue.

    Like most things it is about perspective....This applies to Mr Moore as well. His shows are factual top a point but display a very narrow perspective.
    Actually Moore and Trump are just different sides of the same coin. and you need both sides of that coin to spend it!

  • Are we seeing another collapse of the games industry?

    Mecandes, I am not sure I follow your comments or find them especially poignant. Let me preface this by saying I lived, gamed and shopped during this time. Both in North America and around the world. Further I was a console gamer and a PC gamer. Also Having recently gone back to school where I majored in Business accounting and refocused many of my elective courses toward the business of gaming I would feel remiss if I didnt point out a few holes.

    Firstly....pre 1983 there was really NO pc gaming industry unless you want to count text based games.

    Secondly, Your chart displays the number of games released per platform whereas my post spoke to gross revenue. The fact that there were huge numbers of crap games released at this time was the reason for the collapse.
    Atari was almost totally the console gaming industry precrash of 1983. And pre 1983 North America WAS virtually the entire gaming world. Video Gaming existed in the UK Germany and Japan, but on a much smaller scale and was virtually non-existant in global powerhouses like China and the USSR.

    Home PC's pre 1983 literally existed in a handful of homes. Commodore existed back then and had even released a tape drive to play games but it wasnt a significant percent of market share.

    Yes it was Atari that crashed...
    But it was, Industry wide, total revenue that dropped from $3000,000,000.00 to
    100, 000,000.00 so that right there shows you how small NON-Atari based gaming was.

    It should be noted that the arcade industry was still going strong. But they typically occupied real estate in Malls and pool halls not homes.

    Home based video gaming really took it on the chin in 1983. I apologize if I didnt make that distinction clear enough in my original post.

    Now I will agree after the collapse of Atari home based PC games took off. But it is a huge mistake to say that no one wanted Atari back then because PC games were "where it was at".
    A majority of gamers to this day prefer not to PC game and instead opt for owning multiple consoles. This is proven out a few years later when at the absolute height of PC gaming....the NES and sega wars stole the show.

    So I guesss I am a little lost and confused by the point of your post....other than to pick flyshit out of peper????