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  • The big problem with AAA games today

    wow man you guys are very hardcore and angry.... or maybe hangry :)

    I have a simple rule...if the game looks fun or it is something I want to support I buy it.

    destiny 2 had loot boxes and it had a real Diablo feel to it... and personally, I think the three different Diablo games have all earned game of the year recognition...or should have.

  • Skunked

    ya the problem with a city like London is we have a great habitat for critters and varmints but none of the natural predators.... not a lot of large owls in the city unfortunately

  • I tip my hat to EB games

    I have heard the same...possibly from some of the same people
    Nor would I doubt it.....I guess I just question if that affects the newness status?
    Hear me out on this?
    define New for now seriously go look it up.

    New according to oxford concise is defined as "not existing before"
    "existing before, but not experienced before."

    so to say any video game is new according to the first definition is actually deceiving.
    Now the second definition applies more to things we gaming, however, the experience can be new regardless of the physical condition of an item.

    For example I walk into Long & McQuade to buy an acoustic guitar the other day. I had no expectation that the guitar I bought was unused. It hung on a wall in a guitar store for months maybe...100s of people might have tried it out. But I still bought a new guitar and have the new experience of guitar ownership.

    Or a car purchase I mentioned earlier...

    The condition of an item/disk doesnt not make the experience is actually playing it that is new isnt it?

    I dont want to sound like I am being a dick here...and I am not so much trying to be critical as I am trying to give a different perspective of NEW

    I dont think anyone would argue my truck or guitar are new. SO I find it interesting...

  • Random Beef! *Insert Rant Here*

    @Law212 said:
    Are you more likely to read a story with the headline " Canadians line up orderly on parliament hill"


    "Chaos as canadians storm parliament hill!"

    We all know by now that the news isnt about reporting facts, its about sensationalizing mundane things to get views.

    Truer words were never uttered

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    having two ruptured discs in my back with nerve impingement I feel for ya Sir. If they are ruptured discs (only an MRI can tell for sure) they will probably never heal eh.

    I have suffered from this for 20 years....slowly modifying what I do and how I do it based on pain. Sadly the pain returns after the change eventually, and after 20 years I have run out of things to change. I finally said screw it and requested a pain referral. Opioids solve anything but are incredibly I tried cannabis 3 grams a day taken orally and it really made a difference. The CBD strain has effective pain modification without the stoned sensation. The THB strain removes pain completely for about 10-12 hrs but you are feeling pretty stoned about the 5 hr mark. There are different THB strains....some dont make you as stupid ( I get stupid when I am stoned) ....

    I would seriously give cannabis a shot, I am about 1 month in and I now sleep 8 hrs pain free each night where I use to get 2-4 hrs sleep a night max.

    now it isnt cheap....(but then neither is opioids) unless you have good benefits.