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  • What Did You Buy Recently?

    @Doos said:
    I haven't watched the last two seasons, I think. There was a full season of Negan,that was the last I watched.

    How was the last one. I heard whispers that x and y died or something.

    People did indeed die. Last season was pretty good, though I found the season finale anti-climatic.

    I'm actually enjoying Fear the Walking Dead more.

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi - SPOILERS

    @Law212 You're right, that would have been a great reason for Darth Tantrum to turn against the not-Empire, but it didn't happen. Interestingly, when I texted my bud last night to tell him my thoughts, he also felt I "hit the nail on the head:" written by fanboys.

    @Doos Absolutely, it was visually spectacular, no question on that. For me, just like with games, visual isn't the major factor for me. Again, I don't think "The Last Jedi" is an awful movie, but it's not a good one either, and after having seen it now, I no longer regret not seeing it in theatres.

  • The big problem with AAA games today

    @Doos I believe the first "modern" DLC, the first use of that term, was with Mechassault on the Xbox.

    But as @EchoGolfSierra pointed out, what we now call DLC was common on the PC through the '90's, it simply didn't have the marketing buzz term. He also mentions the magazine demo discs, which is quite correct. Once the internet really became a thing though, what we now call DLC became free for almost a decade and typically released via patches.

    Then Xbox LIVE came along, and monetized it again.

  • How did it go?

    For my own part, 2017 was quite a mixed year. The year started off generally slow and I was enjoying time with family and friends a lot. Work was quiet, I did extremely well in my first year of supporting the Gusty Walk for my disease, my new treatment was working, and by mid-year I found that I was in remission for the first time ever!

    Ironically after that point, I started getting sick more (either things not agreeing with me as I tried to push the diet or a few instances of food poisoning), which impacted my personal life, and then at work they decided to cut one of my staff and unofficially but effectively demoted me. This killed much of the professional moral I had left and really ate at me for the remainder of the year.

    By October health-wise, I started a period where I was in excellent digestive health for a full eight weeks, something I hadn't done in years! Work got busier and my unofficial demotion ended in December, but other professional frustrations and staffing issues were going on and I was just a ball of grumpy. We were given the full holiday week off for the first time in a decade though, which did wonders for my mental outlook.

    I also did another massive prepayment on my mortgage and knocked off another 4 more years! At this rate, my mortgage will be fully paid off in about 16 months!

    So for 2018, I've made three New Years resolutions to help combat the issues I had in 2017 and to help me deal with my own negatives:

    1) Stop taking work home with me. I've spent a lot of time worrying and stressing over work and work projects after hours, when I'm home trying to relax and on weekends. No more. I'm leaving it at the office and making a conscious effort to stop thinking about it at home. I want to create that proper disconnect.

    2) Stop answering emails after hours. In relation to resolution 1), I'm on 24/7 call for alarm/security stuff, so I can't cut that as it's part of the job, but the rest can wait until the next business day (pending emergencies).

    3) To look after myself. My eight weeks of great digestive health, ironically, had me start pushing myself more and neglecting myself in a negative way, and that caught up with me right at years end. Paying for that a bit now and I'm not going to let myself do that further into this year. My health comes first, as it should.

    So we'll see how I do.

  • How did it go?

    @TimothyWedel I think that overall, 2017 has been a great year for you based on what you describe.

    In terms of you growing yourself, becoming more social and confident, I've been picking that up through the year as you posted and its fantastic to see yourself recognizing yourself for it.

    You've also been working a lot on positive thinking, which is great because so much is based on our own perceptions, and by actively removing negativity from your life you end up improving the quality of your life. Negativity breads more negativity and becomes a vicious cycle if you let it, and I think you've gotten to the point where you recognize that.

    It looks to me like you're also maturing and growing up in learning how to deal with the negatives that you can't cut from life. There's no question that your job has been good for you and I'm really glad you've stuck with it. Learning all the things you've been learning feels great, believe I know, because you're challenging yourself and becoming more knowledgeable, and thus stronger for it.

    With your personal and friend issues, you're not letting it set you back and again, that's a sign of maturity. Everyone has their own choices in life to make, sometimes those choices include you, sometimes they do not. That is beyond your control, and you seem to be recognizing that as well now.

    I'm very happy for you Tim!