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  • Halloween Costume 2017

    @MSQGanner This is not a Men in Black costume.

  • !Movies! - Old - New - !Movies!

    See, I disagree on Spider-Man: Homecoming. It's a fun movie, don't get me wrong, but it's not a Spider-Man movie, it's Iron Man Jr..

    Spider-Man does not have a parachute, programmable web shooters, an Iron-Man style suit, a detachable drone, and an AI sidekick named Karen.

    Peter Parker himself also doesn't feel like Parker by a long shot. Peter is supposed to be this nerdy kid who doesn't fit in anywhere and feels like a social outcast, and he expresses this through his alter-ego. Here, despite some ridicule by Flash, everyone seems to like plain-old Peter. He has a good friend and lots of associates who don't shun or insult him. The hot chick actually likes him and he doesn't have to do anything to get her attention, but he himself is too obsessed with trying to become an Avenger to notice.

    That's not Spider-Man!

    There's also no real consequences for his actions in the film, and certainly no "Great Power, Great Responsibility" moment that's so essential to the character.

    Bail on the hot chick, she still likes him anyway. Bail on your team, they still win anyway. Screw up and nearly cost people their lives, gets bailed out by Iron Man.

    The film's also called "Homecoming," yet the actual Homecoming was a foot note for the movie!

    Again, it's a fun film, but the worst portrayal of the character that I've seen on screen.

  • I tip my hat to EB games

    Yeah, since I didn't jump on the current generation of non-handheld consoles at all and went back to PC gaming, all of my purchases have been digital via either Steam or the Blizzard Store.

    It's simply been more practical.

    I did buy mostly retail copies of games for my PlayStation Vita, which is part of the current generation of consoles (handheld), and mostly bought from Best Buy, though I've done a healthy amount of digital purchases via the PlayStation Store here as well.

  • I tip my hat to EB games

    @EchoGolfSierra I don't think you're being a dick at all, and I completely get what you're doing/saying.

    To actually strengthen what you're saying, when you buy a disc-based game, you're simply buying a delivery mechanism: the disc contains the code that is the actual game. Well, technically you're buying a license to use the content on said disc, but I think you understand what I mean.

    So so long as the disc can still be properly accessed, the game will play the same, "new" or "used" and the experience for the player will still be the same.

    Where I, and I believe @Sintacs, are coming from is based on the cost and value the retailers place upon the disc-based copy they're selling.

    So for a truck, if you go and buy one used, it's usually a few years old at least with other conditions attached (mileage, was a trade-in, etc.) or might have been a demo model. That's the standard between "new" and "used" that the auto-sales industry has defined and that we as consumers have accepted.

    For disc-based products, the difference between "new" and "used" has been defined by the product being factory sealed and untouched outside the factory; EB Games is the only retailer of such a product that I know who opens factory sealed items and then sells them as "new," which is ironic considering how much of a driving force they are and have been for the "used" game market. I actually wondered a while back if part of the reason they do so is to further suggest to consumers to buy their "used" copies (in which they keep 100% of the profits).

    i.e. You can buy our "new" game which we've touched with our grubby hands, or you can save $5.00 and buy our "used" copy which is in pretty much the same condition and has been touched by our grubby hands too!

    But yeah, that's the difference; the defined standard of the physical product.

    Hopefully I've helped explain better.

  • I tip my hat to EB games

    @EchoGolfSierra said:
    So today I received exceptional Customer Service from EB. My brand new Snes classic was malfunctioning. So Monday I packed it up and walked into my local EB. Told the girl working that it was broken and I wanted to exchange it. She told me there were none in stock and that she would have to call someone to figure out what to do. Today I got a call from her that there is one there waiting for me, and for me to come in and exchange mine.

    I have heard all the horror stories about EB over the years. I know intimately both sides of the New/used debate. But this is why I shop there. THAT was exceptional customer service that exceeded my expectations.

    That's really good to hear @EchoGolfSierra , glad you had a good experience.

    For me personally, I've had more negative, reoccurring experiences at multiple locations with EB Games that I simply don't shop there. For me, I've experienced:

    • Being lied to about a product's availability
    • Watching EB staff lie to clueless parents to up-sell them on buying more expensive products
    • See a used copy of a game selling for more than the new copy!
    • EB staff pre-removing promotional items from copies of new games that they used and redeemed (which is theft)

    So I'm glad to hear about a good experience there.