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  • I tip my hat to EB games

    @Sintacs said:
    My issue with them is generally more with their policies and practices with used game sales, especially when they try to pass off gutted games as new when no other self respecting retailer would sell that as anything more than used. I once went into an EB and the only "new" copy of a game they had left that I was after was gutted, I said I was after a factory sealed new copy, not a gutted one, and they offered to go into the back and plastic wrap it...

    Ha, one of the locations that would regularly lie to me offered to do that as well.

    If it's not factory sealed any longer, it's not new. Sorry.

  • What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    @wikkiwild1 said:
    Just completed Diablo 3 as a Necromancer. Quite different from previous games. Necromancer is very powerful. I like blowing up the dead the most.

    Corpse Explosion was always a blast in Diablo II.

  • Windows 10 Creators Update


    A random Google search will bring up articles that explain why. Here's one.

    I actually upgraded with the Anniversary Update last summer first and lost Cortana like this guy did. Even though I don't use Cortana, loosing a big promoted feature of the OS is rather embarrassing for Microsoft.

    And of course you need to re-install everything with a clean install; that's the point my good sir! And it's very difficult to download the wrong drivers considering you have them on installation discs or automated programs, like GeForce Experience, that do them for you. For Windows 10 autodownloading, it's going to do that with forced updates anyway; that's one of the criticisms of the OS.


    Of course upgrading is easier and faster, but if you know how to format your system and get everything going it's simply cleaner and there's less chance of conflicts from old system files being ported over. Most people won't encounter an issue with upgrading, but it can happen.

    And a difference can be noticed, outside of possible performance issues, mostly via minor layout differences.

    I never said there was a problem with the registry, I said doing a clean install cleans it up, seeing as how it recreates it. That's true. Over several upgrades though, so many old system files are floating around that it apparently can affect performance and takes up gigs of HDD space. Or so I've read, since I always format myself.

    And you only reboot your PC once a year?

  • StarCraft Remastered Announced, StarCraft Anthology being Re-released for Free

    I just pooped myself.

  • Random Beef! *Insert Rant Here*

    @Law212 and @EchoGolfSierra Shush you two. I'm an artisan. My neighbour says so. The end.