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  • What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    Season 3 of 2017 finished up for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void this past Tuesday, and I'm very pleased with how I did.

    This was my first full Season that I played, and I finished in Gold League Tier 1 and I was 9th in my Division. I played exactly 100 games, all as Random, and had a 53% win percentage. Protoss was my best Race, Terran was my worst.

    The new patch launched on Tuesday which did some big design overhauls for the game, and its also free-to-play now so the player-base has almost doubled.

    Sadly I'm 2-4 in Season 4 thus far, but it's still early in and I'll turn that around. Started in Gold League Tier 2. With luck, I'll get back up to Tier 1 in a few weeks.

  • Halloween Costume 2017

    I'm very please with my Halloween costume this year and wanted to share it with you all:

    Hope you all had a great Halloween!

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

    This past Thursday I formatted and clean installed Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which went very well. My system boots up faster than with the Creators Update, and I haven't experienced any bugs or issues yet.

    The only odd thing is it created an EFI System Partition on my drive during the install; never seen that before. It's only 100MB though so no big deal.

    Instead of formatting I did the update install for my father, and that was frustrating. It took the exact same amount of time as my clean install to just upgrade the OS! For me, I formatted and got the OS, then the MB drivers, then started re-installing software and such and it took me 3.5 hours. Just to upgrade my old man's system took the same amount of time. That's also because the download hung for about 45 minutes and I finally had to force the system to shut down and then resume the update.

    My father's also experiencing a few bugs, mostly nuisance stuff, such as needing to sign in twice to get to his desktop (I've corrected with a workaround for now).

    So while with the Creator's update upgrading was easier than formatting, it's been the opposite with the Fall Creators Update for me.

  • !Movies! - Old - New - !Movies!

    See, I disagree on Spider-Man: Homecoming. It's a fun movie, don't get me wrong, but it's not a Spider-Man movie, it's Iron Man Jr..

    Spider-Man does not have a parachute, programmable web shooters, an Iron-Man style suit, a detachable drone, and an AI sidekick named Karen.

    Peter Parker himself also doesn't feel like Parker by a long shot. Peter is supposed to be this nerdy kid who doesn't fit in anywhere and feels like a social outcast, and he expresses this through his alter-ego. Here, despite some ridicule by Flash, everyone seems to like plain-old Peter. He has a good friend and lots of associates who don't shun or insult him. The hot chick actually likes him and he doesn't have to do anything to get her attention, but he himself is too obsessed with trying to become an Avenger to notice.

    That's not Spider-Man!

    There's also no real consequences for his actions in the film, and certainly no "Great Power, Great Responsibility" moment that's so essential to the character.

    Bail on the hot chick, she still likes him anyway. Bail on your team, they still win anyway. Screw up and nearly cost people their lives, gets bailed out by Iron Man.

    The film's also called "Homecoming," yet the actual Homecoming was a foot note for the movie!

    Again, it's a fun film, but the worst portrayal of the character that I've seen on screen.

  • What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    And speaking of Blizzard Entertainment titles, on Wednesday I completed the Bonus (Orc) Campaign in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, making it my first time completing the game's Single Player since 2004. What a great game still!

    I'm now binge gaming Starcraft: Mass Recall's "Brood War" Campaigns to try and get them done before I format my PC next week. I did the Protoss Campaign in a day, and I'm almost half way through the Terran Campaign now.