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  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Today I'm wrapping up a two week staycation, which was a great break.

    The ice storm of course was just nuts and messed up some of my plans, but what do you do.

    A few highlights:

    • For raising over $1000.00 in last years Gutsy Walk, Crohn's and Colitis Canada invited me and other top pledge earners to a nice brunch at the Old Mill. I brought my friend Eva and we enjoyed lots of home fries, chicken bacon, toast, and she had eggs (which I can't eat right now).
    • I fully detailed my car, inside and out, and she's looking gorgeous. Over 14 years old and she looks about 4 (yes @Law212, it still looks like no one's touched her). I also had a tune up and other maintenance done on her. She gets rust proofed this coming weekend, and then she's all summer ready!
    • With the ice storm giving me a good bit more time, I sat down and started making my first ever StarCraft Custom Campaign. I'm breaking it up into three Mission Packs, and yesterday I completed designing Mission Pack 1! I'm quite proud of it, and just need to do some more testing myself before I role it out to my play testers. @EchoGolfSierra -

    It's also fantastic that my health has been strong this entire vacation. I put a few pounds on, I've eaten well, and I'm feeling really good.

    I have another vacation, a week off, before Canada Day, and I'm hoping it comes quick!

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    So about four-ish weeks ago, you guys might recall I posted that I'd gotten ill again and didn't know what did it, but the symptoms were very Crohn's like. My doctor was concerned enough that he booked me in for a scope.

    That was today, and the good news is it looks like I'm still in remission. I have an MRI in two months to confirm, but right now it looks like I was the victim of re-occuring dumb luck.

    The downer to doing a scope is you have to "flush" out the day before which is really rough, and for me it's basically inducing digestive upset. So I'm now recovering from that which will take a good week-ish as I build up the diet.

    But, I have peace of mind.

  • Free Crap

    In celebration for StarCraft's 20th Anniversary, Blizzard Entertainment has given away Fenix, Co-Op Commander, away for free to everyone with a Account.

    Log into the Blizzard Desktop App by April 4th to claim Fenix.

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Interestingly @TimothyWedel , I wanted to be an animator as well. I was going for that at the end of high school and really working hard, but sadly fell just short and ended up in TV production instead. Interestingly that turned into a lucrative career and classical animation all but died, so that worked out. Funny how life does things sometimes.

    I also think those two goals you wake up with each day are fantastic goals provided you're doing what you said and drawing that line when people are trying to take advantage of your kindness.

    Some of my family members, including my mom, have mental illness, so I understand it very well, and I think you're making great progress in self improvement. Keep it up man.

    I was picked on a lot in grade school, and a bit in high school as well. I'm the dorky guy that plays games which was hardcore lame back then, and I had a mom who was constantly in and out of the psych ward, so that made me an easy target and hurt my confidence. I was still friendly with people though and had lots of great friends, and by senior high I had pretty much gotten over it and became my own person. It basically came down to only focusing on what the few people's who's opinions mattered thought, and not what random assholes thought. Many of my high school friends are still my friends to this day.

    From my personal experience, I've found people's hobbies and interests do influence their personality, however the extent that it does so completely varies from person to person. For me, I make a lot of nerd jokes and make references to games, comics, shows, etc. that fall in that category. Even now, nearly at 40, I'm still considered a "nerd" by all of my coworkers, but that's part of what makes me me, and we all jive in that sense.

    Also, very sorry to read about your father and mom, but there's still time so hopefully things will work out. Fingers crossed man.

  • Gutsy Walk 2018

    Hey all,

    Last year I walked for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada's Gutsy Walk and raised over $1,500.00, and I've just signed up to walk and raise funds again.

    The walk is on Sun. Jun. 3rd, and if anyone here would like to donate, you can find my fundraising page here.

    Thanks all!