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  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    Just left Milos. Heading back to athens which will take 3 and a half hours. Then ill het my car and take the 5 hour drive to thessaloniki. Where i will spend 3 nights until i leave saturday for zurich then on sunday my flight to toronto. Glad to be heading home
  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    It was nice to be able to read this and catch up on whats going on with people from dog...
    Though unfortunately lots of not so good things. Sorry to hear about all those issues seem to keep acsensevof humour though.(like a phone beingvshoved up your butt) ouch

    Smoreninja has a rivalry with a child
    Juxts cold...
    Tims crazy life...we need to make a reality show on tims life

    Anyway, im still in greece. Im currently on an island called Timos. I havent dont anything today. I am very tired from the past few days in Athens...

    Heres what happened so far

    When i got to thessaloniki i rented a car and in greece they only drive standard. I have never driven standard. I learned really fast as i left the rental company parking lot onto the crazy streets of thessaloniki.

    I headed right away to my old village of vissinia which was a 2 and a half hour drive.

    I got to vissinia...walked around the village. Looking at everything and it looked the same as it did 20 even 30 years ago.

    Stayed with my uncle for the most part. Met up with cousin took me on a day trip to a beach 3 hours away by bus and we swam and drank and got burned.

    Spent the first week and a half with them

    Then i left for Athens. Stopped in Delphi 4 hours away abd checked out the museum and hiked up the mountain with the temple of apollo and on a hot as hell day. Thought i was gonna die.

    After a few hours heade the rest of the way to Athens
    Checked into my very cheap hotel
    Hotel Orpheus. Just 2 beds and a bathroom.
    Little did i realize it was boiling hot and mosquitos loved it.

    If i closed all the windows id die. Leaving even one a bit opened meant fighting respawning mosquitos all night. I am currently full of mosquito bites.

    The good part was that it was a 30 minute walk to the acropolis. Which was pretty awesome. Though my hike up to and into the acropolis was again a scorching hot day.

    I apent 3 nights in Athens. My area was full of junkies and homeless people. I saw people injecting drugs and snorting coke off the sidewalk. I also got no sleep the final night because of the heat and damned mosquitos...

    I left the following morning (yesterday) at 5 am. I needed to get out as i couldnt manage another minute there

    So i left and went to the port of piraeus where i parked my rental for the last leg of the trip and got on a ferry to Timos. Where i am right now.
    I will leave here saturday on another ferry for milos for 4 nights with a quick stop on mykonos. Finally spending one night on Santorini before heading back to piraeus and driving 6 or so hours to thessaloniki to spend a night and the next day leave to come home.

    My hotel on Timos is much nicer. No mosquitos. Has air condition. Is right on the beach and has a kitchen
  • Juxtapose's Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Matches

    It was just the jewel case
    If it was the box and id go for it and keep an eye out for the CD

  • !Movies! - Old - New - !Movies!

    I finally got around to seeing Black Panther on sunday... I saw it in 4K, and might watch the 3D version , but maybe not since the movie was pretty bland.

    Bad fights. Like boring, not exciting and slow paced as in you can see the actors thinking too much about the choreography while doing the moves.

    There is a scene in some club where black panthers guard has a spear and it swinging it around knocking people over , but shes not putting any force or speed into the hits so it took me out of the immersion.

    Even the main character , ole panther himself was not exciting to watch fight. Nor was he likable. Sure he was a good guy but he was a very boring guy too. Killmonger and the leader of the gorilla tribe were far more fun to watch on screen.

    The CG was very bad through the movie.
    The story was very basic and very predictable. It was marvel paint by numbers.

    Many spots where it looked like the star wars prequels where you can see a major separation between the characters and the green screen.

    Big disappointment after how highly people talked about this movie.

  • !Movies! - Old - New - !Movies!

    I watched Deadpool 2 on sunday.
    It was good. It was funny , but like the first, I dont know if id enjoy it a second time. It did have some slow moments and some jokes that were dragged out and not funny. On the other hand it had a lot of jokes that were hilarious. Cable was great and I loved another character that shows up later.

    Go check it out, its silly and there is a lot more of the breaking of the 4th wall and lots of references to other pop culture and comic book series right from the beginning and all the way to the very end. (stick around for the after credits)