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  • What Did You Buy Recently?

    @Juxtapose said:

    @EchoGolfSierra said:
    Straight up love my Switch... it got me to play Skyrim for the 5th time.
    I do love the feel of my pro controller.... it doesnt feel cheap and it performs wonderfully.

    If I am docked I only play with that... my joycons have never been off their screen.

    I didn't realize The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was on the Nintendo Switch. How is it? Did they have to make and major concessions for the port that you noticed?

    I haven't played it, but the game is fairly old now, so I don't think the switch would have any issue running it. IT does run DOOM so I'm sure skyrim is no issue.

  • What games are you playing right now?

    @EchoGolfSierra said:
    Picked up Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning for $20 on steam....old school RPG with a pretty big cult following...was originally released on 360 I believe.

    pretty basic but still fun and the graphics are decent on PC for a 2012 game

    I wonder if you can refund it. Its 9.99 on steam right now for the complete edition.

  • What Did You Accomplish In Life Today?

    The way to gain confidence, it to work towards goals to improve yourself and start ticking off accomplishments.

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas people. Lets remember that even at Christmas there are still people going hungry, kids in hospitals battling cancer, people who don't get presents because of poverty and so on. Lets not make xmas about what we get but remember that we can help others instead all year.

  • What games are you playing right now?

    I think Juxt thought you meant Destiny 2 as Divinity 2 isn't on sale on the blizzard store that I'm aware of.

    The Eternal edition just comes with some other games in the series. Though some are good, but they go on sale for a couple dollars a piece at times . The soundtrack and art book and map aren't work the extra 15 bucks