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  • Physical versus Digital Media

    I will always include a dvd drive in any PC I build. The great thing about PC's is that you can play some really old games. So I will keep a drive to install old games.

  • Physical versus Digital Media

    @Doos said:
    I buy all video games (Unless I can't find them physical, Like Wolfenstein) physical because they have resale value.

    I do everything else digital. Movies, music, TV shows.

    When I see you guys post in the 'What Did you Buy Recently' thread with all your statues and collectors boxes and stuff I physically cringe. Not that I'm judging ya'll.. I just hate all that shit. I hate it so much that even when I bought 10 BluRays for $5 it was totally not worth it even at .50 a pop.

    When I want to watch something I want to point at it and click. I don't want an FBI warning, a menu, a trailer, anything. I want the movie I want to watch and I want it now. Right. Fucking. Now. Forget unwrapping that thing and putting it in the machine. I clicked a button. Entertain me.

    I'd go digital with games but the industry decided to be a bunch of 'charge full price' cunts about it so they can suck it. I'm not paying full price until I can trade that shit away afterwards.

    I dont get why youd buy physical copies of games then. As reselling a game gives you next to nothing. Collectibles on the other hand can net you more than you paid for it , if and when you decide to sell it.

    And going digital with gaming can be far better because many games go on sale , on steam huge sales. So thats why i dont care if i can re sell a game. usually when im done with it, either i got my value out of it, or it was so cheap that if i dont like it i dont care if i dont play it to completion.

    Movies are a bit different. I get physical copies now because i think that the quality in visuals is unmatched. 4K and 3D are incredible and even my old dvd movies get upscaled with my player and tv and look amazing. The refresh rate of my tv helps a lot in how a movie looks and playing a downloaded copy in 720 or 1080 P just doesnt look at good. Thats not even talking about the sound. You just wont get decent sound because of all the data lost through the digital version. Thats why when you download a movie its what 2 gigs? but a blu ray is 50? or more? Look at all the visual and audio data that is being lost .

  • What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    Yeah the gems really helped I spent a ton of money and upgraded the gold intelligence gems as much as i could and socketed 5 of them into my armour and it boosted me quite a bit. Then i did the same for a couple purple gems and got me regaining over 40,000 health per hit. along with my skeleton minions (7 of them) heal me every time they hit.

    I kind of want to see if i can complete more of the achievemnts beyond the 4 , but the requirements are pretty tough.

  • When is Voyeurism not Voyeurism

    I like it!

  • The big problem with AAA games today

    @Juxtapose said:
    @Sintacs Question regarding Injustice 2: The cosmetic items you grind for, they are just that, cosmetic, correct? No gameplay or character changes with them? Or is there, but outside of competitive play?

    I know it wasnt directed to me, but I'll jump in since i do that.
    As far As I know some characters change with certain cosmetics. Supergirl can cahnge into Powergirl , and green lantern can turn into a different green lantern character , and so on.

    Other than that i think its just cosmetic. BUT personally i think different costumes and so on keeps fighting games fresh.

    Also, there was going to be a paywall for the loot boxes but luckily they got rid of that before release. Also there are online modes where you can take your gear and use it online so essentially before they removed the paywall, it would have been pay to win in that online mode. I think they saw that people would have really been pissed about that so they got rid of it.

    The mode still exists , but luckily there is also online modes where the gear is just cosmetic and doesnt offer buffs.