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  • Fixing Red light of death PS3

    no I picked it up from value village. The flea market guy doesn't sell non working stuff.

  • Fixing Red light of death PS3

    Sso I bought an original PS3 for 30 bucks. I wanted one because it has the ps2 backwards compatibility. These are old machines though and lots of them get the red or yellow light of death.

    What causes this ? overheating.

    So I took it apart, and since I have no thermal paste , I cant finish it tonight, ill try to finish for tomorrow.

    Here are some pics....

    !Blu Ray drive removed .



    Wmpty shell and you can tell this thing got very dirty .

    !Just check out the dusk in this fan.....

    !No wonder this thing died, look at that thermal paste.... Its not able to conduct heat at all like that so the processors are overheating right away.

    Heres one more picture of the processors

  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    @Juxtapose said:
    I didn't even know Value Village sold video games!

    They sell anything that gets donated. So people donate old games all the time.
    So call of duty 2 works since the cd key isn't tied to steam or anything like that. But modern warfare 2 is, so it might not work. Ill install it and see if the key is good.

  • Law's online fighting game matches

    No it doesn't unfortunately.
    It was a great set. I took the first and last and he got me in the second.

  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    I was in Best Buy yesterday buying Suicide Squad, and at the check out they have a bunch of Microsoft store, Steam, ITunes and other gift cards , but I noticed a warning put up with them. It said something along the lines of
    "if you are buying gift cards to pay your taxes, stop. Its probably a scam"

    So apparently people get calls from people claiming to be Canada revenue or something and they say that they owe so much in taxes.... then they say they can just pay them in gift cards , so they make them go to the store and buy a ton of gift cards and then have those people give them the codes on the back of the cards after they bought them..........I don't know whats worse, that people do this, or that people fall for it. Though I think this is something my own mother would fall for... shes pretty scared of everything and if someone comes off as authoritative , she has a hard time dealing with it.