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  • The big problem with AAA games today

    Wow dude, you got so off topic every time. We were talking about EA and their latest games.

    Then you go and try to prove your point by bringing up EA games before they started adding loot boxes. and you go on to try to use non EA games....

    This thread is about AAA games today.

    Most ea games today are shit because they focus more on selling you loot boxes than making games fun and innovative.

    Cuphead is great, its not AAA though.

    Also dead space 3 was forced by EA to include micro transactions and to be more action based . It was the worst of the 3.

    Also lots of companies can compare to the games that EA had done. Capcom for one. Has been making games just as long if not longer and has just as many recognizable franchises if not more.

    So sticking with AAA games today.... not any game since the 80s....

    EA is making bad decisions and creating some shit games. Such as destiny 2 and COD WW2 and battlefront 2/

    Also they made a terrible need for speed game recently.

    EA fired the creator of plants VS zombies, because he didnt want to make the sequel a pay to win game......

    So i know its hard for you to do, but stick to the topic. You can make your own thread about games from the 80s if you want, but this is about "AAA games today"

    so yes, in the context of AAA games today, my opinion is that most are absolute shit.

  • Happy BD Doos

    Make sure you yell at some kids to get off your lawn, Blame Trudeau for something and start stories with "Back in my day...."

  • I tip my hat to EB games

    EB games is now just a toy store with video games.

  • honey dew valley

    Nah, I'd say he should 99% try it.

  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    I just walked past a co workers office.

    Door fully open, shes fully passed out in her chair with her phone in her hand. head all the way back mouth open . Just passed the fuck out. I love work.