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April 13, 1981

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  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    So this weekend I spent some time going through value village stores in the area looking for some gaming goodies.

    Here Is what I found this time.

    A few sim games. The sims Deluxe edition, Sim city 4 and sim city 4 Rush Hour Expansion.

    Sim Ant
    and Diablo 1


    This game is still factory sealed though beat up quite a bit. Mixed reviews on the game some saying its fun others saying its crap. I don't plan to play it I just thought it was neat as Ive never heard of it, and its by Konami and it was 2 dollars.

    I used to love flying games back in the day. This is one I never played but I wanted to. I might have to build an old Pentium 4 system with windows 98 or xp to play some old games... I do have one in the basement I might put back together.

    All the games were about 2 bucks each.

    I even got an xbox 360 memory card for a couple dollars (just to have one)

    I really liked call of Duty 2. I played it on the 360. On PC the graphics look really nice even today. The snow storm at the beginning looks amazing
    the campaign is fun but I don't like that enemies keep respawning until to push forward to a certain point. I grabbed Modern warfare 2 because it was there, it was a couple bucks and I have modern warfare 3 so I might as well go through the campaigns.

    THe last game, I thought was Myth.... which I wanted to play years ago when it was out. On closer inspection this was not Myth, but it looks cool anyway. Its like Sim city but medieval times. This is the gold edition so it has an expansion pack with it. I want to try it out.

    I also picked up a cool looking chess game (not a video game) that you play against a computer which is built in to the board. It looks like its from the 70s so I need to test it out.

  • Diablo III

    Yay, thanks to Juxt, I got this done.

  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    Its 10 minutes from my house. I'm home now! it feels great to get home while the sun is still out and I can still do things. Going to be starting a bit earlier tomorrow and leaving a little earlier.

    It was just training today and will be training all week but it was Ok. Its a start.

  • Random Stuff About Nothing

    When I graduated from my program in April, I told myself . "Never landscaping again!" ... Then I had to get a job landscaping because I couldn't find anything else....
    Tomorrow I start my job doing IT work for a Dental company. Pretty excited. I hope it goes well.

  • Heroes of the Storm

    Ill play 15 games to get those diablo 3 wings