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  • Loot Boxes

    @Juxtapose said:
    I've never understood paying for mystery items...

    You ever take a girl on a date? youre paying for a mystery item.

  • What Did You Buy Recently?

    Also this came in the mail.....


    I'm waiting for battle of the five armies extended edition 3D steelbook to come in , then I will binge the trilogy

  • What Did You Buy Recently?

    I bought this for my retron 5. It adds the ability to play Game Gear games, Genesis master system carts and master system cards ...

  • The big problem with AAA games today

    I loved expansion packs. They came in their own boxes and had their own manuals, and IMO had a lot more content for the price that DLC today comes with.

    Take Half life 1. It had two expansions. Opposing Forces and Blue Shift. Opposing forces, had you play a soldier trying to kill freeman. it lasted a good 5 and a half hours and featured new characters.

    Then blue shift. again it was another 4 to 5 hour expansion telling another side of the main game.

    Even my favourite series X-wing had expansions. Imperial pursuit added another story chapter to the game, added some ships and some training missions.

    Then they had B-Wing which again added a ship, the B-wing and another story chapter .

    as for demo cds , those were big . Youd buy a cd with a bunch of game demos on them which had the first act of a game. If you wanted, you could then call or write to the company and send money and receive the full game.

    Then xbox came out. and mechassault came out which started charging for maps . That was the end of expansion packs.

    I think expansion packs lived up to the names. They expanded on the games and made them feel larger.

    Where DLC just shoehorns content into a game without making the world feel larger. With exceptions of course.

  • The big problem with AAA games today

    @TimothyWedel said:
    I don't think that's a thing at all. I'm not sure anybody values that stuff over gameplay. We just don't mind when a company tries to make some extra money selling us extra stuff that we enjoy.

    You guys are also too young to remember that all that stuff you pay for now used to be free