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  • The big problem with AAA games today

    Ya but i'd always be right, so it wouldnt be much fun

  • !Movies! - Old - New - !Movies!

    I have to completely disagree. Peter was never a nerd that people picked on. He had Flash who would pick on him, but they were friends. This portrayal of Flash was terrible.

    Spiderman certainly DOES have all those things. This takes place in the marvel movie universe, and he is being groomed by Tony Start for the Avengers , so it makes sense that Tony would have a suit made for him to keep an eye on him and to give him a bunch of extra abilities.

    Its what happened in the Civil war comics which is what this new spiderman is based off.

    Also, peter isnt hanging with cool kids.... They are all part of a geek club... he hangs out with a geek club.... The party at the "hot" girls house was all geeks. Also, in real life, you dont always have to do anything to get a girls attention. Have you not noticed woman who like men for no apparent reason? Without him even trying? Now if peter were ugly, then it would be different.

    ASnd yes his actions always got fixed by iron man, which was the point. He wasnt ready to be an avenger becasue he was in over his head, which is why tony took his suit. He was using the extra abilities of it and he wasnt ready. The consequence was having to go back to a regular suit. And then having to deal with the vulture without any stark gear.

    The great thing about this was the villain. Movies with a terrible villain will suck. This one had an awesome villain which made it much better. The best spiderman villains are the underdogs who are doing things because they want to survive and they at times have good reasons for what they are doing. They arent evil just because.

    So I will gain have to say this that portrayal has been the best yet. As much as i like The Amazing Spiderman and think it was really good, this one beat it out by having everything come together better.

    And Toby may have been the first , but he was also the worst IMO. People love spiderman 2... but its pretty terrible.

  • !Movies! - Old - New - !Movies!

    I watched Spider-Man: Homecoming in 3D last night. I was pretty sure I wasn't going to like this movie much. I was very happy to be very wrong. This is the best version of Spider-Man that we have ever had. We don't get another origin story. Everyone knows about Spider-Man when this movie starts, even though hes still new to being spidey and Tony Stark warns him to stick to low level robberies and not to get mixed up into anything big.

    They spend a good amount of time fleshing out the villain and he is likeable and relateable right away. I thought Keaton did an amazing job and played the character well, even though he was different than the comic version but still faithful to it in many ways.

    Peters daily school life is fun to watch. He keeps hoping that Tony will call him up to help the avengers again so he keeps trying to contact Happy (starks assistant) trying to let them know hes available .

    Peter ends up in over his head with Vulture and start gets mad at him and from there hes out to prove himself .

    Aunt may is in this a bit and shes great. I always loved Marissa Tomei.
    I was a little put off one character played by ... I forget her name... but she plays this dopey nerd and at the end she says... " my friends call me M.J" hell no. don't make her M.J. just no. why is it ok to make white characters black, but black cahracters cant be white?

    M.J is supposed to be a bombshell redhead that is out of peters league, but he eventually wins over.

    Anyway other than that one gripe, the movie is fantastic.

  • What Did You Buy Recently?

    I just bought the Witcher 3 season pass for $12.50 on GOG, thats a great deal for the amount of content in the two expansions that it comes with. Both combined are said to be about an additional 30 hours of gameplay. Thats about how long the witcher 2 would take to finish.

  • The big problem with AAA games today

    Here is another great video. its about micro transaction. Really shows why they suck. One great point is about how you used to get cool items in games from completing tough tasks . Now you just have to get lucky with a loot box.